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We are without a doubt blessed with the best family in the entire world (of course every family thinks that and should think that).  Joe's brothers and their wives are kind, loving and always generous.  When they found out that Brooke was getting married they immediately got together and planned an Engagement Party.  Once again, the list was difficult because there are so many you want to include, but we narrowed it down to family and those who had made very special contributions to Brooke's life. 

The Engagement Party

Linda, being the closest and having lived in Dothan most recently, planned the event at the clubhouse of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course--the Highlands.  There was a DJ and dancing (some of those staid Scots even "cut a rug").  It was not the type of music Joe's oldest brother Phil (Dr. Phillip Hart Ramsey, professor of psychological statistics, Queens College, NY) and his wife, Pat ( Dr. Patricia Prendergast Ramsey, dean and professor statistics Fordham University, NY) usually dance to.  Indeed, they are quite the skilled ball room dancers who look so graceful on the dance floor.  Ed (Edward Lawrence Ramsey, Birmingham judge) and his wife Linda (computer information specialist) are still newlyweds having met at our oldest daughter Cecily's wedding where one sight of Ed "rocked Linda's world".   Youngest brother Bill (banker in Atlanta) and his wife, Joyce, (education administration) are the parents of the beautiful bridesmaid, Elizabeth Hawkins Ramsey.  Brooke's brother Andrew Allen Ramsey attended with his girlfriend Brittany Ballard. Lily was the partner of choice for Uncle Drew to dance with.  Others did "get down"  eventually thanks to Anna.  







B.  Linda Woodruff gave a luncheon at Grate Things on the day of the Engagement Party so lots of family could attend.  Barbara Blumenfeld, Brittany Ballard, Cecily Ramsey Butterworth, and Lauren McMahon sat with Brooke at the luncheon.  We all enjoyed getting to know Brooke's future family members, Allene Dell, Arloa and Andrew Evans.


C.  I know I have written before that good friends are very definitely a big part of our southern "family."  I have some of the best.  The Out to Lunch Bunch is a group of 12 women who meet once a month for lunch.  We only miss because of dire emergencies because our time together is so precious.  You must "make time" for friends because those are the ones who come through for you during special times (joyful and sorrowful).  My friends have shown me "the gift" of friendship because they know how to do the thoughtful things real friends do.  For some reason they allow me to continue a part of that group. 

Mary Hartzog, Diane Enloe, Linda Woodruff, Pat Branch, Cynthia Nowell, Barbara Blumenfeld and Phyllis Brackin made the Fellowship Hall at the First Methodist Church a warm and beautiful place for a party for Brooke.  Unfortunately, our dear friend who moved to Augusta, Michele Buck, could not be there, but was definitely part of the event.  Ann Britt, Pat Renfro, and Jean McDaniel were present in spirit, if not in person.  Brooke took well to opening gifts.

Look at that beautiful food done by "Our House,"  Mary's niece. 

D.  Brooke's sister and Matron of Honor gave Brooke a shower in Panama City in the Club Room at Harbour Village condominiums in historic St. Andrews where Brooke was living while working in PC before she got married. 

E.  They threw a surprise shower for Brooke at Seahaven where Brooke was their Customer Information Coordinator before coming back to Dothan to be a bride  Cookie CakeCalvinDecor

Sweet VeilBama Bride

F.  Charles and Betty Peters, Henry and Kitsy Burns, Rick and Gail Kennedy, and Anna and Corey Singletary threw a Honey Do Party for Brooke and Mike at the Peters "barn".  It was very casual and lots of fun.  Mike actually got "stuff" there. 

We thank God for our wonderful friends.

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