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Kathie Bennett is my extraordinary publicist. She and I presented this Power Point presentation at Agnes Scott College as a part of the Decatur Book Festival in 2013. She and I agreed to post the presentation just in case others might find this information useful.

We would love to hear your comments and suggestions. The literary landscape has changed immensely. Even authors from big publishing houses must handle their own marketing and public relations. As an author, I have found Kathie's guidance and assistance invaluable. Indeed, I do not think I would have ever gotten the first book published had it not been for her direction and prodding. Relationships are important in the literary world. Kathie has taught me that friendships, sincere and supportive, are incredibly important. Networking is critical.

Many self-published authors do it all on their own. The rest of us ask for help when we need it.

Click here for the Power Point Presentation. It will only work if you have Power Point on your computer.

Kathie Bennett
Sharman Ramsey