Cecily and Lily's Mom and Me Tea

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Cecily and Lily's Mom and Me Tea

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Tea for Two at the Willows

When the school year is new and your child is in a class with children your child does not know and parents you are unfamiliar with, what is a mom to do?  Throw a Mom and Me Tea! 

That's what Cecily Butterworth decided to do. 

Cecily and Lily invited the little girls in Mrs. Lovchuk's K-5 Class at Holy Nativity.  Lily's class, has only 5 little girls and they were all invited.  Unfortunately, Gracie Mae Hundley had to attend a football game with her parents (this is the South and football season!)  and Rachel McDaniel was not well enough yet to come, but Rita Levine and Marlie Ann Feitz and moms Marina and Julie were able to join Cecily and Lily Butterworth for Tea at the Willows. 

The little girls gathered shyly.  Then the tea was served.  Herbal tea was fine...but Lily has learned the wonders of English Breakfast in going "to tea" with her Grandmother "Mimi".  She showed her new friends the finer art of pouring cream and adding sugar to the tea to get it at the sweet, creamy level acceptable to a young (very young) lady.  Add scones with strawberry preserves and cream to taste plus a big slice of chocolate cake and suddenly you have giggling, happy girls (and moms).  Throw in a boa to dress up with and a fine big hat to preen in and you have a photo opportunity.  With their little girls within arms distance having fun, the moms had a chance to visit and bond as well.  (Motherhood can be a lonely, isolating job, without friends to share it with.


The table looks lovely at the Willows. Lily is a bit apprehensive about whether her friends will remember her party.  It has been rescheduled because the original date found her in the hospital, a victim of a vicious virus. While she waits, hoping her new friends remember to come, Lily puts on a very brave smile.  Then Rita Levine arrives with her mother. Lily and Rita sit primly. So, now, what does one do at a Tea? 
tea table table setting Lily Rita Lily

As the grandmother, I was privileged to attend the event at the invitation of my oldest daughter, the mother of our only grandchild.  There is no greater joy than seeing your children happy, with friends whose parents you know and trust.  Our lives are so busy.  I remember when I was that age, I met mothers while watching my children at the Swimming Club to which we belonged.  Now with busy lives and private pools, it isn't as easy.   Julie Feitz suggested they take turns hosting "a tea".  I discovered in my own life how important it is to "schedule time" for your friends.  My mother-in-law set the example with her group of 10 friends with whom she had lunch weekly for 43 years, until she passed away.  The "group" with a few new members continues to meet monthly, taking turns hosting the "group."  I took my mother-in-law's example and have started such a group in Dothan (our official residence) and in Panama City (where we spend almost half of every week).  Making time to establish and nurture friendship enriches life and is truly worthwhile. 

I am sure the little girls would concur and these sweet mothers will surely benefit from the friendships. 

I am proud of my daughter for setting such a good example for my granddaughter.


By the way, Rachel McDaniel is the granddaughter of one of the members of our Dothan OTL (Out to Lunch Bunch), Jean McDaniel (Mrs. Ronnie McDaniel).  Rachel is ill and was unable to make the "tea" but our thoughts and prayers are with her and we look forward to her and her mother joining this group.  Cecily and Lily saved a boa specially for her.  For more on Rachel visit:  http://www.caringbridge.org/ visit/rachelmcdaniel

   [comment by Grandmother Mimi...one who has been there].)

Marina Levine demonstrates boa style.  Cecily watches proudly as Lily, an experienced tea taker,  demonstrates her tea talents. Julie Feitz, one of the rare Panama City natives, takes a deep breath and enjoys a "girl" event .  She has three boys, two older than Marlie Ann, and one Marlie's twin.  The Krewe of Massalina 2008 Queen for Panama City gave a tea at the Willows at the same time as the Mom and Me Tea.  Cecily, Julie, Lily and Marlie smile for the camera. 
Marina Levine, originally from Naples, Italy, makes the mistake of telling us of her Italian origins which makes us all think of Italian food.  We need lessons!  Lily takes the lead in teaching her friends proper tea preparation.  Now they are involved.  Marlie Ann must take time out for a call from one of her admirers.  Lily and Rita inspect a boa.  Time to play...getting to know you.  Julie and Cecily find they have a lot in common...their husbands are enjoying taking their girls to T-Ball!
Chocolate cake...everything looks rosy.  Tea is such a civilized way to make friends.  Add enough sugar and life is great!  This hat just invites pictures.  And there's room for a new friend.
Posing apparently comes natural.  Rita thinks they need boas.  I can imagine a lot of very noisy, very giggly spend the night parties in the future!  I suggest padded walls and soundproof rooms.