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Croquet is a wonderful game to play on a beautiful day when your garden just happens to be in its peak.  Or so I thought.  So I hosted a Tea and Croquet party in our back yard.  It was a glorious day and my Lunch Bunch came appropriately attired.  They brought their husbands to entertain mine in hitting croquet balls around throughout our back yard.  The back yard used to be known as "Ramsey Field", but that was when my husband and his brothers were young and fleet.  We are now forty years older and so we enjoy a more "civilized" pursuit.  My husband tells me he is in better shape today than he was then.  And then he reminds me..."Round IS a shape." 

croquet potager ladies cecily and linda michele and sharman
Sharman Ramsey, Charlotte Lewis, Beverly Mayfield, Linda Ramsey, Ann Britt Potager, Poppies and Larkspur Linda Ramsey, Cecily Butterworth, Sharman Ramsey, Charlotte Lewis, Barbara Blumenfeld, Ann Britt, Beverly Mayfield, Betty Peters Of course, there must be food for such and event. Linda and Cecily check it out. Sharman and Michele do enjoy tea and the accompanying goodies. 

The Ladies donned their broad brimmed hats.  We prepared desserts and tea, printed out the rules of the game, and proceeded with our day.  Ladies wore their whites and big hats.  Gentlemen, in their usual competitive spirit made their own rules to complicate matters and enjoyed hitting each others balls into the "rough".  We had a marvelous day and recommend croquet to everyone. 

Bring your own copy of the rules.  They can (and will) be challenged. 



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