Family Groups of Lindseys in Georgia

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Creation of Georgia Counties

Family Groups of Lindseys in Georgia

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Lindseys in Georgia
Question Lindseys of the Mount and
Joseph Elijah Lindsey

Family Groups of Lindseys in Georgia
Lindseys in Georgia Census 1830,1840, 1850

Letter from Norma C. Miller to Mrs. Charles Newton
4530 Conn. Ave. NW #411
Washington, D.C.
History of the People of Jones County, Georgia, Vol. 2 Early Records, Frank M. Abbott
1832 Land Lottery of Jones Co, GA
1820 Index to United States Census for Georgia (Monroe County GA was not formed until 1821 so it is not included in the 1820 Census) Troup County Georgia
Father: Moses Lindsey

John Lindsey b. btw. 1760 and 1770
m. Mary, then Polly Kennedy in Jackson County, then Julie Robbins of Warren County.  In 1840 family was in Butts County. (Supposed to have had 29 children.

Brothers:  Dennis and William Lindsey
Probate records Richmond, Ga. 1788



1827 Land Lottery of Jones County GA
Lindsay, James

1832 Land Lottery of Jones Co. GA

  • Lindsey, Jacob, Sr.
    James      D
    Whitfield  D
    Jacob, Jr. D
    Elias         D
    Benjamin  D
    James      E.
    Whitfield  E
    Jacob      E
    Elias        E
    Benjamin  E
Abraham   (Jasper)
Caleb        (Warren)
David        (Washington)
Dennis       (Warren)

Abraham    (Wilkes)
Ann            (Jefferson)
Benjamin     (Wilkes)
Hester         (Montgomery)
Jacob          (Wilkes)
James          (Wilkes)
John            (Montgomery)
John            (Screven)
John            (Wilkes)
John W.C.   (Wilkes)
Mary           (Emanuel)
Mary           (Wilkes)
Polly            (Warren)

Ester   (Jackson)

Dolphin   (Jackson)

Adam P. (2)  (Hancock)
Clabourn       (Greene)
David            (Greene)
Jacob            (Jones)
James            (Wilkinson)
Jeremiah        (Greene)
John               (Wilkinson)
P.                   (Jasper)
William, Jr. and Sr. (Wilkinson)

Mr. Charles L. Newton



Benjamin F. H. Lindsey 82 M. Planter 7000 GA Blind
Elizabeth                        66 F
Mary S.Colquitt             12 F
Celista A. Dozier            11 F
Benjamin F. W. Lindsey  25M  Planter
Sarah A.                          19 F

Hill View Cemetery
Lot 24
BFW Lindsey  1825  8/8/1867
Mrs. Sarah A. Murphy  3/16/1837-5/20/1878
Mrs. E. Lindsey 5/18/1790-9/2/1857  Green Co., GA
B.F.H. Lindsey 3/11/1797-11/11/1872
Sarah W. Lindsey 4/26/1798-9/27/1870
Lot 27
Mrs. E. H. Dozier 2/1/1822-10/6/1839 Wilkes Co., GA




Monroe County Bible Records
Monroe County, Alabama.  Bible owned by Mrs. Jack Sims, Uriah, Alabama
Lindsey Bible records
Nov. 11, 1830

Thomas Lindsey-Administrator of estate of Benjamin Lindsey, late of Monroe County
F22524, p 3--Annual Returns-Court of Obituary-Monroe County, Georgia-1839-54, Bk. E. Lindsey, Benj-263

The Estate of Benjamin Lindsey, Dead-1842, In account with Thomas Linsey-Dr In Jan 12 To cash pd. Jacob Linsey in part of his share   38.00
Elias Linsey         38.00
Joseph Linsey      38.00
John Linsey         38.00
James Linsey       38.00
Jesse Linsey         50.00
James Alsabrook in light of his wife--48.00



Jacob Lindsey 2/6/1778  6/15/1865
Phebe 1/1/1781  3/10/1867

Their children
Joseph 2/28/1807 12/20/1883
James 5/7/1808/10/28/1878
Whitfield 7/12/1809 3/13/1886
Elias 10/26/1810 2/6/1861
Jacob 2/3/1812 1858
Benjamin 5/31/1817 9/12/1839
Thomas 10/11/1814 12/1/1877
John 2/1/1816 7/3/1850
Eliza 5/31/1817 2/22/1884
Jesse  8/25/1818 1/2/1849
Caroline 10/3/1819 1/25/1832
Elizabeth 9/28/1821 4/4/1898
Rebecca 4/20/1823 2/10/1844
Hiram 4/2/1826 1860
Children of Joseph and Nancy
John Glenn Linsey 12/28/1830 m. Sophronie Allen 2) Matilda Mayo
Caroline Lindsey 1/5/1833
Joseph Lindsey m. Nancy Branham 12/11/1829 11 children

Marriages of Jones County, Georgia p. 65
Elias Lindsey married 93/1857 Mary Butler
Elizabeth Lindsey m. 12/22/1830 Jmes Alsabrook
Sarah m. 10/27/1811 John Gunn
Thomas m. 11/30/1843 Harriett McGehee

Will dated 6/5/1857
Will calls for 10 children but lists only 5.  Names also Rebecca Taylor, granddaughter





In 1820 census lists:  James Lindsey d. 1830, John Lindsey not in 1820 was Edmund Lindsey who married Isabell Norwood in 1821.  1830 Sara Lindsey, William Lindey, wife Sara Guley.  Not listed was Jesse Lindsey.
Lindsey families 1850 through 1880
Isaac Lindsey, b. 1807, son of Jas. and Sara-unsure, ife Martha Moore, 1807.  Ch. James a., b. 1837 (Sara Branan), Susannah, b. 1839 (Elbert Nesbit), Green J., b. 1841 (Martha Herndon, John W. b. 1843 (Julia Tucker and Cynthia Henderson Monohan), Sara F. b. 1845 (Daniel Barler), Mary E., b. 1847 Milton J. b. 1848 (Lucy Branan and Dorothy Tucker Simmons), Martha b. 1851 (william Pools) Sam b. 1854 d. St. Petersburg florida, 1920, Eli b. 1858 (Priscilla Bell), other information is that one married a Fordham and nother a Lee

John Lindsey b. 1820, wife Susan Moore b. 1825.  Ch. Jas. F. b. 1848.
Sara Lindsey, b. 1793, wido of Jas. was living alone in 1850.  So was Warren G. Lindsey b. 1830 d. 1856
Wiley P. Lindsey b. 1815, wife Sara b. 1825, Ch. Thomas b. 1843, Mary J. b. 1846, Jermiah, b. 1848
Chaney M. Lindsey b. 1803, S.C., wife Lucy b. 1803, Ch. Rosa A. b. 1854, and Warren b. 1859, Apparently they had grandchildren living in the home was Elijah Holcomb b. 1830.
James Lindsey b. 1837, son of Isaac and Martha Moore Lindsey, wife Sara Brannan, b. 1838, dtr. of Paschal and Mary Hobbs Branan. Ch. Paschal b. 1859
Julian Lindsey, b. 1820, ife Susan b. 1825.  Ch. James b. 1849 (Frances Dennard) Joel b. 1851 (Elizabeth Branan), Jane, b. 1853 (Tillmon Jones), Green b. 1855, Jesse, b. 1858.
Green J. Lindsey b. 1841, son of Isaac and Martha Moore Lindsey, wife Mary A. E. Herndon b. 1847, dtr. of Love and Sara Branan Herndon.  Ch. Laura A. b. 1870 (Jonah Taylor), Lucy Love, b. 1872 (F. A. Poole), Ralph C., b. 1877, became a dr. in Colquitt, Ga., Living in the home was Sara Herndon b. 1815, mother-in-law nee: Branan, dtr of James and Sara Tommey Branan
Joel A. Lindsey, b. 1840, son of Julian and Susan Lindsey, wife Luziane or Elizabeth Branan.  Ch. Franklin b. 1875, Edward b. 1879
J. Frank Lindsey b. 1848, son of Isaac and Martha Moore Lindsey, wife Julia Tucker b. 1848, dr. of John R. and Mary Rutherford Tucker of Washington County, GA Ch. Irene T., b. 1870 (David Holt) Julian R. b. 1872, Brig. Gen




Births:  John Glenn Lindsey 12/28/1830 Married 1)Sophronie Allen 2- Matilda Mayo
Caroline Lindsey 1/5/1833
(Fell, fractured skull, and died, no date)
Rebecca Lindsey 8/25/1834  Unmarried; d. age 20, Yellow fever
Delphine Lindsey 3/3/1838 Invalid, infantile paralysis; d. age 26. Male.
Benjamin Franklin Lindsey 3/3/1838 "Pene"
William Lindsey 6/19/1840
Sarah Jane Lindsey 2/2/1843John Hart--1860
Joseph 3/9/1845 m. killed war, 6/30/1862
Mittie Josephine Lindsey 5/10/1847
Mary Ann Lindsey 5/18/1850  Irbie Campbell 12/7/1873
Nancy Bob Lindsey 10/6/1855  Jerry Low

The above 11 children of Joseph Lindsey were born and reared in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, six miles from Alexander City, Alabama. 
Thomas Lindsey came from England in 1615 and settled in Halifax County, Virginia.  He had 5 sons, Jacob, Elijah, John, Abram and James.
Jacob Lindsey's wife was a Lindsey, daughter of Isaac Lindsey.
Jacob Lindsey was born Feb. 6, 1778; died June 13, 1865.
Phoebie Lindsey was born Jan. 1, 1781; died March 10, 1867.


Men of Mark in Georgia, William F. Northern, Vol. V., Atlanta: A. B. Caldwell, Pub. 1911.

John William Lindsey, Pension Commissioner for the State of Georgia, was born on a farm four miles from Irwinton.  His parents were Isaac and Martha (Moore) Lindsey.  His father, Isaac Lindsey, was a substantial farmer.  The family is of Scotch-Irish origin; the first ancestor in America came from Ireland to America and settled in South Carolina prior to the Revolution.  A great-uncle, John Lindsay, distinguished himself as a soldier in the Patriot ranks at the battles of Kings Mountain and Cowpens.  James Lindsey, grandfather of Col. Lindsey, married Sarah Frost in South Carolina, and in 1814 they moved from Edgefield County, S.C. to Wilkinson County, Georgia where the family has since resided.  Col. Lindsey, as a boy, attended the schools of Irwinton, but his education was interrupted by the breaking out of the Civil War in 1861.  He promptly enlisted in the Confederate Army as a private in Company I, Third Georgia Regiment, A. R. Wright, Colonel.  It was a regiment of young men, and made a splendid fighting record.  col. Lindsey made an excellent record as a soldier, never absent from his command except when wounded.  At the Battle of Spottsylvania, May 14, 1864, he was severely wounded, and even yet he suffers at times from the effects of the old wound.  He was the youngest of three brothers who served in the army.  The oldest brother was killed at Gettysburg; both the others served through the war and both were wounded.

At the close of the war, Col. Lindsey, then a young man of twenty-two entered the law office of Col. Eli Cumming as a clerk, studying law in the intervals of his work, and in November, 1868, was admitted to the bar by Judge Green Foster.......