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Chef of Acclaim
Chef Grant Herrera

Grant Herrera

1. When Americans take culinary tours to Provence in France or Umbria in Italy the chefs make a point of using local produce and wines. They take pride in their region and play up their creativity in using what is indigenous to the area and making something special out of it thereby inspiring visitors to come and experience it themselves and to learn from them. Please tell us about what in your region has inspired you and gone into creating the dishes you serve.

We are very proud to buy local anything we can from produce to dairy products.

2. Is there someplace nearby (a vineyard, orchard, farm, etc.) that is so beautiful or bountiful that it has inspired you so that we should also visit?

Jules J. Berta Vineyards is a lovely vineyard on Hwy 9. We get our herbs from one of the nices herb gardens that I have ever seen at Pleasant Valley Herb Garden and we buy our dairy products from Wright Dairy. (Ed. Note: They also make Yellow Moon Cheeses and teach bread making lessons!) Mountain View Dairy

3. Where did you learn your craft and by whom are you inspired? A modern chef? A culinary school? A relative and do you use those recipes?

I attended the French Culinary Institute in New York. I consider Alain Ducasse brilliant and have been inspired by him. He has been the #1 French chef for he past 45 years and is the only one to hold 3 Michelin Stars in three different establishments.

4. Do you have a dish that you consider your specialty? Is there a label for your type of cooking?

The dish I consider my specialty is Cuban Roast Pork Roullade. My style of cooking would be Country Gourmet Fushion. That is a fusion of Southern Home Cooking and French Cuisine.

5. Do you have a garden and may we photograph it?

Unfortunately, not currently

Pork en Paella, Chef Herrera's signature dish, has a praline glaze. The pork tenderloin is butterflied and stuffed with macerated fruit marinated in a Pinot Noir and served with Paella.
Pork en Paella
chicken alfredo herrera  
  fried green timato country gourmet fushion


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