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Grant Herrera

We've only just begun our Chef's page.

You might assume that the chefs that we   introduce to you will be working in those  premier restaurants across the South that are usually located in the cities and resorts. Not at Southern-style. There are many restaurants of acclaim throughout the South and chefs of excellence are scattered off the beaten paths  for many reasons. Family and roots are two major reasons chefs relocate frequently to the small unassuming towns throughout the South. We're glad to have them.

These Chefs of Excellence demonstrate their skill, creativity, appreciation for fresh herbs and vegetables, quality meat, poultry, fish and seafood, dairy products and frequently wines produced locally. The South has traditionally been an agrarian society and we are very proud of the quality of the foods we produce. Chefs come south and bring the influence of their training and combine it with the foods and culture of the south to produce unique dishes and serve them with flair.

The fried green tomatoes layered with fresh red tomatoes on greens with black eyed peas and feta cheese appetizer created by Mary Wisdom, kitchen manager at Classic on Noble in Anniston, Alabama, is an excellent example of this sort of creativity.  (pictured to the right)


Fried Green Tomatoes with black-eyed peas and feta cheese

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Some Chefs of Southern-style Excellence may have a specialty.

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