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A Simply Southern Wedding.





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We've got places to go, things to do, people to see, recipes, history, gardens, a culture to appreciate, and stories for you to enjoy...all Southern-style.  This is a unique view.  Through these pages, you will open the door and be welcomed into a truly Southern world.  Grab a cup of tea








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New Mothers Top Ten Necessary Items

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The Write Life Southern Style

Writing the Southern Scene I plan to share here some of the fascinating tidbits of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century South that I have discovered along the way to writing my novels.  I have only just begun so be patient with me. There's lots yet to learn!
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In this section you will find information on family lines that I have researched that are pertinent to my family.  I do not have the individual proofs...only the working files that I have made available. 
This chart demonstrates a few of the connections. You will also find genealogies of our branches listed on this website.
Southern Family
This Southern Family has participated in momentous events through history.    There are pictures that may be useful to many. When my children's eyes started glazing over when I talked "genealogy" I decided to write a history/cookbook of our families.  I put these on a CD so that the pictures would not be lost and all who had the CD would have the information and the pictures.  These are chapters from that book.
Chapter One   Wakefield
Chapter Two   Downhome Dothan
Chapter Three Beach
Chapter Four  Children
Chapter Five:  Inspiration (Bloom Where You Are Planted)

Houston County, Alabama
Genealogies of pioneer families of mainly Dothan in Houston County, Alabama
Plus articles on different aspects of life in that area.
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Simply Southern Wedding 

Part I:  Simply Southern Wedding
Part II:  Parties and Showers
Part III: The Wedding Raising:
Part IV:  Simply Southern Wedding Mother-of- the-Groom

World War II Remembered
Irish Scottish Timeline Comparison
Map of Ireland
Covenanters and Martyrs
Elkanah Burson's Speech on Memorial day 
First Alabama Muster Roll

The Confederate Soldiers with Houston County ties
Wilcox County True Blues the story of a flag and the men who served under it
Wilcox County True Blues Welcome home

World History that we should know. 
Decisive Battles in World History
Women in History a Reflection
Dates We Should Remember
Houston County, Alabama, Heritage Pages 

Extensive information on Houston County families, their genealogy, history of Dothan with a plethora of pictures
  Including James Drury Flowers Civil War Story 
Oscar Tompkins Wiregrass Sagas                                                                      
William Arthur Wheatley's The Englishman and the Revolutionary  

Shawnee Heritage
Shawnee Heritage
Shawnee Recommended Reading List

Reading Lists  
Recommended Book List  for Children
Have you ever wondered what book you should buy for your child or grandchild that stands the test of time?  Marva Collins' list of books used at her Westside Preparatory School in Chicago should help answer that question.

Reading List for Adults
What books did our founding fathers read that prepared them for writing the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution?  These were books in a frontier library listed in Benjamin Hawkins Estate in 1816.  Hawkins corresponded frequently with Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe.


"68" Retrospective

Words to Remember
Quotations for the Wise


Difference between Whole Language and Phonics
Cat in the Hat
Education: an Historical Perspective
Education Today
From the Whole Language Catalog
How I Would Fix Our Local Schools
Thank you, Whole Language
What We Must Do to Fix Education
Why Reading Instruction Must Be Addressed
My Credentials to Speak Problems in Education
Critique of the Alabama Social Studies Course of Study
Who's Learning Disabled?




Pictured above:  Jim and Jean Gillis, Eunice Jernigan and Patrick Gillis, Dr.E. G. Burson and Sharman, Elizabeth Knight Burson, Dr. E. g. Burson, Sr.

Wilcox County, Alabama

A Driving Tour of Furman, Alabama

My Garden
Plant a Southern Monet Garden
Cherokee Garden Club

Our Favorite Places
Taking Tea
Cecily and Lily's Mom and Me Tea
Lily and the Library Card
Bayou Joe's 

Destination Places
Destination St Andrews  This is the REAL OLD FLORIDA with the very best restaurants in North Florida.  The Shrimp Boat returns!  Dock to shop and eat at the Shrimp Boat or Uncle Ernie's.  Or the Granite Cafe, St. Andrews Cafe, Hunts Oyster Bar,  Pappy's German Restaurant or The Captains Table. 
    Shop St. Andrews:  Ken Sizemore (the Old Folkie) Patsy Forrest  Two Sisters  Paul Brent Gallery
Unofficial Website for Harbour Village
Destination Natural Bridge and St. Marks

Things to Do


People to Meet

Bellingrath Remembered:  Hank Elmore returns to a place she once knew as a family home  The family is an Alabama dynasty that made an impact in the social, cultural, and political world on a national level. 
A Bunch of Old Broads

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Executive Home In Dothan

Simply Southern Recipes--many, many from family and friends. You are welcome to share yours.

Simply Southern Christmas These are our Christmas traditions.  Everyone accumulates their own that make their families unique. 

Manners and Etiquette

Southern Mothers Lessons

Nonfiction Biographies

I Remember Mammy





Copyright 1996  These are my own working genealogy files that I share with you.  The errors are my own.  But, perhaps they will give you a starting point.  All original writing is copyrighted.  Webmaster