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Southern-Style:  A  Downhome Perspective  


Coming soon: SWIMMING WITH SERPENTS by Sharman Burson Ramsey to be released Fall of 2012 by Mercer University Press just in time for the 200th anniversary of the Creek Indian War

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With 4500 visitors coming to this website per month, I am thinking of opening the Online Village for this website.  Why not give this a shot?  It will be interesting to see if there is a demand. 
Until we determine that there is a demand for this service, I will do your website at no cost as a favor while I am deciding whether to turn this into a "business."


  • The charge would be $5 per month ($60 per year) to be listed with a commission on sales that come directly from the website if we simply direct folks to their own existing website. 
  • If we design a website, the charge would be different.  There will be a $50 set up fee for setting up a webpage and then $5 per month.  If you need more than one page, the cost is $50 per page. 

Editor:  Sharman Ramsey  
Technical Adviser: Cecily Ramsey Butterworth
Marketing Director:  Brooke Ramsey Evans 
Legal Advisor: Joel Ramsey 
Organization Management:  Andrew Ramsey

With the economy the way it is and people needing an opportunity to earn extra money at home, maybe it is time to open an online village for Southern cottage industries.  While Ebay focuses on a large number of items, do you think, perhaps you can get lost in the vastness of the website?  Perhaps it is just a dream.  But, wouldn't it be nice if the whole world could share in the selective choice of wonderful products, handmade items, jams, jellies, candies, cakes and recipes that make the South unique?  What I envision is a sort of online mall where someone who makes handmade quilts could make them available to those around the world who would like to give a handmade wedding ring quilt to a prospective bride.  Or someone who has written a truly special cookbook or genealogy book could make that available to those who share that interest.  Cottage industries in the South produce items of excellence and I would love to encourage them and be their gracious (in true Southern-style) introduction to the world.  Since I do not want to get into the business of credit cards, etc. until I know something like that would be truly needed, I would operate in the manner of the Old South...on a man or woman's word of honor.  "A man's word is his bond." 

If you would like to be listed on this website simply email me a picture of the items you create...cookbooks, jams, jellies, quilts, birdhouses, whatever, along with several references from satisfied customers and I will build you an online window. Write about your item.  Tell us how many hours went into its preparation.  What is the story behind your heirloom or antique?  What are your credentials for preparing your item?  Your mother's training, your grandmother's fantastic cooking, a Ph.D. in ornithology?  Should someone email you from this website and order an item I would expect you to send me a 10% commission on that item. 

You are also honor bound that there will be nothing pornographic in anything you submit.  The webmaster of the website is a Southern Lady for goodness sakes!  I will consider complaints by anyone who purchases from you about the quality or content of an item, if there is any question of their veracity, you will immediately be removed from the website and you will not be permitted to post again.

Our online village will grow as your submissions come in.  Please list the area in which you would like to be listed.  If there is no category for your item, I am remiss and will create one. 

The Book Peddler
Books and Music CDs
Bakery Heirloom Clothing Carpentry and Garden Art Antiques
What do you write? Are you a musician with a band who has cut a CD?   List them here.


This is the place to make that very special cake, pie or cookie available to the world.  Send us a picture of your item as it would be served and as it will be wrapped. 

Gift wrap tissue paper is loaded with dioxin and PCPs which will leach into food with only short exposure.  Use food-grade deli paper to use as tissue padding. When shipping cookies or other breakable food items we suggest wrapping them in thin baking parchment or waxed paper, then wrap again in plastic and bubble wrap. We suggest making the cookies large with plenty of moisture in them.  Popcorn can be used for packing in place of those non-biodegradable styrofoam things that will be with us through eternity.

Overnight is best for foodstuffs to ensure they're the freshest possible. Try shipping some to yourself as a "test" for your packaging method before shipping elsewhere.  Whatever you make or ship should be of the finest freshest materials and should be made for others as you would for your own family (or your cattiest girlfriends).

Jams and jellies


Do you tat?  Do you love to make heirloom dresses for little girls for special occasions?  Specialize in Christening gowns?  Crocheted booties?  Do you make beautiful quilts that you could make available to those who might want to give a wedding ring quilt to someone for a special gift?  Perhaps you would quilt the squares friends might want to embroider and surprise a friend with?  This is your opportunity to let others know about your talents.  Please have those you have sewn for email us with their recommendations of your work and pictures of what you have created.

 Heirloom Clothing

I made this christening gown for Lily. 

There have been times I wanted a really cute dog house to put into my garden.  I have bought beautiful birdhouses made of recycled timber and tin.  When I buy these, I really would like to know the story of where that wood came from and how the artist decided to create the item and even, go into that form of creativity.  I have seen beautiful wrought metal designs for the garden and home.  Whatever you do from handcrafted furniture to mail boxes to lawn design...share it with us.

Habersham started as a cottage business.




I love antiques.  I inherited some from my grandparents and they are my treasures.  But, part of what makes them so special is knowing the story behind them...their provenance.  I love adding to my collection like my grandmother did.

If you have an antique that you must're scaling down and must part with your treasure or your children are too modern to appreciate them...(that happens to the best of Southern families) you are welcome to list them here.  Take a picture of the item and any special mark. 

Flow Blue


Real Estate Travel For Art's Sake Pottery Place A Note in Time


Through our Southern-style Real Estate Section we welcome you to submit homes, plantations, and estates that you would like to market online.  Through our online Real Estate Shoppe, we can list your home on our website so you can guide prospective buyers to an online website with information and up to five pictures of your property.  There will be a onetime fee of $100 for the listing on our real estate website.

Our photographer is available to create a virtual tour of  property in North Florida, Southeast Alabama, and Southwest Georgia.

 Through this you can list an Agent Photo and contact information, detailed description of your home and rooms.  Again, on the honor system, our commission on your sale is 1%.  Please tell us what is special about your property.


Another service we offer is listing your home as a potential house swap for those who would like to swap homes for vacations.  Those of us who enjoy doing genealogy would particularly like to swap with "cousins" in an area where we would like to further our genealogical study.  In describing your home, please include historical areas of interest and particularly genealogical resources in museums and libraries.  Please include a reference, preferably one who can be easily contacted with a respected position in your community. 



Please tell us about your favorite restaurant, bed and breakfast, hotel, or historical site. We will consider visiting your site to write an article for our online magazine Southern-style.  Tell us what is special about your establishment.  Those of us who are interested in genealogy would love to hear about places of interest to those family lines I have focused on in the genealogy section.  We would love to visit some of these places and would truly like to know specifics about the area and people that we would visit.  You are invited to send us pictures and recipes.  I look forward to seeing how this section evolves. 

Perhaps the thing I have enjoyed most about this website is all of the cousins I have found.  I do hope you will participate in the newly interactive website. 


I know many artists who live in my area.  They range from portrait artists to pen and ink artists.  They create oil paintings of homes, people and animals.  They paint magnificent landscapes.  These many talented people just need an opportunity to acquaint others with their talents.  This is your opportunity.  Oil Paintings
Water Colors

Victoria Alexander, St. Andrews artist, painted this portrait for us.  Dale Kennington painted two of our children.


When my daughter was studying in Spain I was designing a fireplace for our family room.  I wanted some of the beautiful tiles one finds in Spain.  There was nothing online where I could order directly from the artist.  What a shame.  If this is your talent, list it here and let people know it is "truly Southern".  My husband's secretary "threw" a beautiful dish with his family crest on it.  We treasure it.

Talented potters out there should make your talent available to others.


I have received as gifts stationery with pen and ink drawings of my home, profiles in feathers, and wonderful initialed notes.  Writing notes has almost become a lost art, but the gift of beautiful paper reminds us of how meaningful a personal note can be.  My daughter is now writing thank you notes for the many gifts she received during her wedding and the one thing my friends remember to tell me is how sweet her notes are.  It is important to let those who love you know how meaningful the time they took to purchase a gift is.  A friends' love and generosity should never be taken for granted.  Share your talents in creating unique stationery here. 


Sportsman's Paradise Recipes      
The South is America's Playground.  The beautiful home in the logo, my grandparent's home, is now in the possession of my sister, a New Orleans cardiologist, and her husband, retired from the Metarie Sheriff's office, and is their hunting lodge.  It is in the Black Belt of Alabama (referring to the rich soil) and is prolific with deer and quail.  My son considers it next to heaven. 

My husband and I prefer the beauty of St. Andrews Bay in Panama City, Florida.  Our vacation home on Massalina Bayou is like being on a cruise and we're always docked in our favorite place in the whole world.  We also have a condo we rent at a minimum of six months at a time in the revitalized historic St. Andrews within walking distance of five of the best restaurants in Bay County. 

If you have a hunting lodge you want us to visit, we suggest you list on our Travel section.  If you want to sell or rent such a property, list on our Real Estate section. 

But, if you have designed a fancy lure that works particularly well on the Chattahoochee or in Lake Martin, whatever southern fishing hole you love, tell us about it. 

Maybe you have a deer lure or stand that would make my son drool.  Tell us about it. 


What is the genealogy of your recipe?  How and when do you serve it?  We Southern folks like to know the "who, what, when, where and how" of our foods.  Share your special recipes (and pictures if you like) with us. 

In serving Southern-style, presentation is nearly as important as taste.  "As a man thinketh, so is he."  Show your family you think of them as very special people.  Make your table and your meals demonstrate this.  Your family life will benefit when you make mealtimes family time. 



Copyright 1996  These are my own working genealogy files that I share with you.  The errors are my own.  But, perhaps they will give you a starting point.  All original writing is copyrighted.  Webmaster

Copyright 1996  These are my own working genealogy files that I share with you.  The errors are my own.  But, perhaps they will give you a starting point.  All original writing is copyrighted.  Webmaster