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Houston County, Alabama, Heritage

                                                                                    Dr. Earl Moody, Center          
Dr. Earl Moody

Dr. Earl Moody, Center

Medical Chain Long, Unbroken In Mazyck's Family
by Nat C. Faulk
Eagle Editor(Ret.)
from THE DOTHAN EAGLE, Wed., July 9, 1975

Dr. Earle Farley Mazyck has returned home to practice medicine after 12 years of college, internship, and thereby hangs a tale that echoes local history with accent on continuity.

A native of Dothan, Dr. Mazyck is the son of a doctor, the grandson of a doctor and the great grandson of a doctor, all of whom have practiced in Dothan. The ancestral span covers almost a century. There may be similarities in professional linage elsewhere, but not in Dothan.

The fourth generation of the Moody line to practice here, Dr. Mazyck (Dothan High Class of 1963) is son of Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Mazyck, 2000 W. Main Street. The elder Dr. Mazyck's paternal and maternal grandfathers were also doctors and Mrs. Mazyck is the former Miss Marjorie Moody, daughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. E.F. Moody of Dothan. And Dr. Moody was the son of Dr. Fleming Isaac Moody, one of Dothan's first physicians and a pioneer citizen in other respects.(ed. note: Dr. Fleming Moody and his wife died the first week of May 1900. Back in '68, Richard Burke, who was tallest, replaced the stone flame on top of their obelisk in the City Cemetery. The flame was on top of a vase with a drape carved around it pinned with an opium poppy & a rose. Off the top of my head- here's the inscription on the obelisk.


The medical saga began with the birth of Fleming Isaac Moody in Appling County, Georgia in 1856. After moving his family to Dixie, Ga. (Brooks County), he attended school in Liberty County and then entered the University of Georgia. Subsequently he graduated at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Baltimore, Maryland in 1876. He first located at Gordon, in Alabama, and then moved to Abbeville. From there he moved to Columbia and then to Dothan when it was still a part of Henry County. Dr. and Mrs. Moody died within two weeks of each other in 1900.

Earle Farley Moody was born on the Moody plantation at Saffold, Ga., along the Chattahoochee River in 1880, and came to Alabama with his parents. He was graduated in 1903 at Tulane University and began an illustrious career as a physician and surgeon in Dothan. He founded the Moody Hospital at 311 N. Alice Street and operated the institution until his death in 1952.

The senior Dr. Mazyck was born in Yazoo City, Miss., and moved to Darlington, S.C., where he was reared. He completed medical school at the University of Virginia in 1931 and began practice in Birmingham in 1934. Moving to Dothan in 1935, he became a partner of Dr. Moody in 1938. Acquiring Moody Hospital in 1953, he liquidated the facility in 1965 and continued a private practice.

Earle Farley Mazyck was graduated at the University of the South at Sewanee, Tenn., in 1967 and completed the University of Virginia Medical School in 1971. He then interned medicine at the University of South Carolina at Charleston, S.C., the same educational institution where his great grandfather, Dr. Edmund Mazyck, once taught medicine.

The latest Dr. Mazyck is associated with Dr. James A. Robeson and Dr. W. F. Drewry in the practice of internal medicine.

Incidentally, any family reunion attended by Dr. Mazyck might well be a medical convention of sorts. His wife, the former Joan Whitney of Taftsville, Vermont is a registered nurse, and his brother, Dr. Arthur Mazyck, a Montgomery radiologist, is married to the former Miss Elizabeth Maxwell of Northport, Ala. a practicing pediatrician.

Dr. and Mrs. Mazyck are the parents of a daughter, Kathryn Augusta, nine months old. They have purchased a home at 502 N. Cherokee Avenue.

One more thing- not only did Dr. Mazyck's great grandfather, Dr. Edmund Mazyck, become a doctor after serving in the Confederate Army, so did yet another great grandfather, Dr. N. W. McKie of Canton,Miss.


Descendants of Moody

1-Dr. Fleming I. Moody b. 22 Feb 1856, d. 20 May 1900
 +Iona G. b. 10 Feb 1862, d. 15 May 1900
|--2-Dr. Earle F. Moody b. 22 Oct 1880, d. 16 Aug 1952
|   +Ilona Cameron 
|  |--3-Marjorie Moody 
|  |   +Dr. Arthur Mazyck 
|  |  |--4-Earle Mazyck 
|  |      +Joan 
|  |     |--5-Augusta Mazyck 
|  |     |--5-Hadyn Mazyck 
|  |--3-Earle Moody 
|--2-Iona Moody Carmichael 
|   +Walter Cowdery Farmer , par. Bird Grace Farmer and Lucie C Cowdry
| |--3-Martha Jane Farmer
| | +Charles Chapman Jr. , par. Dr. Charles H. Chapman Sr. and Florris Malone
| |
| | |--4-Davis Farmer Chapman
| | | +Laura Louise Parker
| | |--4-Charles Chapman III
| | | +Lanie Summerline b. Fairhope, Alabama, par. Unknown and Unknown
| | | |--5-Benjamin Chapman
| | | |--5-Bay Chapman
| | | |--5-Lane Chapman
| | |--4-Florrie Chapman
| | +Dr. Craig Coe , par. Dr. Howell Coe and Unknown
| | |--5-Abbie Elizabeth Coe
| | |--5-Charlsie Coe
| |--3-Lou Farmer
| +Will Bledsoe Dr.
|--2-Sherrod Moody


Copyright 1996  These are my own working genealogy files that I share with you.  The errors are my own.  But, perhaps they will give you a starting point.  All original writing is copyrighted.  Webmaster

Copyright 1996  These are my own working genealogy files that I share with you.  The errors are my own.  But, perhaps they will give you a starting point.  All original writing is copyrighted.  Webmaster