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Joel Ramsey

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We are proud to take you into some of the finest homes on the market in the South.  These homes are standouts because of their quality, charm, and location.  We will present to you homes in five categories: Single Family Homes, Vacation Homes, Farms, Ranches, and Condos.  Even if you don't find something you love and want to buy, you will get lots of ideas from these proud homeowners. 

If you are visiting us from another country, I am sure you will find out lots about the South as our homeowners share not only what is special about their home, but the area in which it is located.  They will tell you about the great natural resources that make the location of the home desirable, the hobbies and sports one might participated in that are located close by, the cities that offer wonderful shopping and cultural opportunities,  and historical sites that are within a 100 mile radius.  They will tell you what gives that special home its charm.

A home is more than bricks and mortar, it is your investment in the lifestyle you choose to live.  With many people working in home offices, more than ever the choice of where to live is more flexible.  We hope these articles will help acquaint you with the broad spectrum of opportunities available throughout the South.