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Mamie Bronson Gillis



My mother's name is Jean Bronson Gillis.  She has always wanted more information on our Bronson line, but I am unable to find much on the Bronsons of North Carolina.  Mother's ancestor was Gustavus Adolphus Bronson.  Please, if you have information about these Bronsons, would you please share that information with me?

Bronson, Gustavus A. NC 2nd Regiment Detailed Men F

The 20th Infantry Regiment, formerly the 10th Volunteers AKA 

the North Carolina 2nd Infantry Regiment Detailed Men. It was assembled at Smithfield and Fort Caswell, North Carolina, in July, 1861.Its members were drawn from the counties of Brunswick, Columbus, Cabarrus, Duplin, and Sampson. After serving in North Carolina, the unit moved to Virginia and was assigned to General Garland's, Iverson's, and R.D. Johnston's Brigade. It participated in the var io u s campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles, 11 killed and 30 woundedin the Maryland Campaign, and 3 wounded at Fredericksburg. It reported 77 casualties at Chancellorsville, and of the 372 engaged at Gettysburg, more than sixty-five percent were disabled. The unit surrendered with 4 officers and 71 men of which only 9 were armed. Its  field officers were Colonels Alfred Iverson and Thomas F. Toon; Lieutenant Colonels John S. Brooks, Franklin J. Faison, Nelson Slough, and William H. Toon; and Major Duncan J. Devane.

If you have information on this line, would you please share it with me? 

Mamie BronsonThis is Mamie Bronson Gillis, my great grandmother. 


This is her sister:

Lillie BrosoLillie Bronson Bentley

Mamie had other sisters, Callie Bronson Worthem (Mrs. Tom) and Annie Laura Bronson Collins (Mrs. Linwood).  Their father is Gustavus Adophus Bronson.

Descendants of Gustavus Bronson

1-Gustavus Bronson d. 3 Jun 1873, Sampson or Duplin County, North Carolina, 
Bronson Cemetery
+Unknown |--2-Julious J. Bronson , "Soldier Boy" d. 4 Aug 1862, Fort Strong |--2-Charles H. Bronson b. 2 Oct 1839, d. 30 Aug 1913, Sampson County, North | Carolina, Bronson Cemetery | +Lucy Spearman b. 23 Jul 1844, d. 14 Jul 1918, Sampson County, North | Carolina, Bronson Cemetery |--2-Julian J. Bronson b. 20 Jun 1844, d. 30 May 1892 |--2-Gustavus Adolphus Bronson b. 6 Feb 1837, d. 22 May 1899, Lisbon, Sampson | County (Bladen?) North Carolina +Josephine Newkirk b. 6 Oct 1844, Lisbon, Samson County, North Carolina, d. 30 Apr 1910, Sampson County, North Carolina |--3-Lillie Bronson d. Apr 1951, Ingall, North Carolina | +Henry Cabell Bentley d. , Centralla, Virginia |--3-Callie Bronson d. , Durham, North Carolina | +Tom Worthem d. , Wilmington | |--4-Tom Worthem |--3-Annie Laura Bronson | +John S. Collins | |--4-Linwood Collins d. , Durham, North Carolina? | +Ruth |--3-Mamie D. Bronson b. 28 Apr 1864, Lisbon, Sampson County, N.C., d. 17 | Nov 1921, Brewton, Alabama Escambia County +James Nott Gillis b. 10 Oct 1861, Fayetteville, N.C., Cumberland County, d. 1 Sep 1928, Brewton, Alabama, Escambia County |--4-Charles Upham Gillis b. 11 Mar 1893, Cumberland Co. N.C. | +Alma Baggett | |--5-Charles Gillis | |--5-Frances Gillis | |--5-Louise Gillis | |--5-Marie Gillis | |--5-James Gillis |--4-Herbert Duryea Gillis b. 18 Apr 1896 | +Essie Mae Lester | |--5-Martha Gillis | |--5-Herbert Duryea Gillis | |--5-Barbara Gillis |--4-John Patrick Gillis , SGT. WWI AND MEX. BORDER DI b. 14 Sep 1898, | Southern Pines N.C., d. 11 Jun 1934, Escambia County, buried Union | Cemetery, Brewton, Al. +Clare Eunice Jernigan b. 30 Oct 1902, Brewton, Escambia County, Alabama, d. 14 Feb 1986, Pensacola, Florida, buried Union Cemetery, Brewton rewton, Al. |--5-Jean Bronson Gillis b. 11 May 1921, Auburn, Alabama, raised in | Brewton, Escambia Co., Alabama |--5-James Gordon Gillis b. 5 Sep 1923 |--5-Sylvia Louise Gillis b. 20 Apr 1926, Brewton, d. , Birmingham, | Alabama |--5-Virginia Hope Gillis b. 11 Oct 1929, Brewton, Al. Escambia County |--5-Patricia Ann Gillis b. 12 Mar 1934, Brewton, Alabama