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Ramsey DNA Project


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We are looking for males with the last name of Ramsey that are interested in their ancestry to participate in a Ramsey DNA project. You take the test in your own home and the results will be able to tell us if the Ramseys taking the test have a common ancestor and how many generations back that common ancestor was. The DNA they test is in the Y-Chromosome and passed down from father to son so the females cannot take the test. 

We would like to have all Ramsey males tested, who are willing, to participate. The DNA that is tested is in the Y-Chromosone it is passed down from father to son through the generations, so only males with the last name of Ramsey can participate. The cost varies it depends on how many markers you choose. If you don't know anything about Family Tree DNA, you can search for it on-line and there will be several sites found that will explain it to you. The cost is from around a 100 dollars for each person who participates on up. They suggest we start with the 100 dollar one as it is easier to afford for some people and then move up to more markers if we desire to. This test will be able to tell us if we have a common ancestor and how many generations back that common ancestor is.

Explanation of the DNA project for the purpose of genealogy is located at The Lambert DNA Project:  http://www.chem.northwestern.edu/~lambert/dna/analysis.htm.  There is also information located on Kerchner's DNA Testing & Genetic Genealogy Info Resources Page http://www.kerchner.com/dna-info.htm.  

Results of the test are posted at:  http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Ramsey/#results  

If you are interested, please let Carolyn Ramsey Canida (canida@chartermi.net) know.  We would also appreciate your sending your known ancestry to Carolyn (your family tree).  She will forward that information to the rest of us who are participating in this project.  

My husband's is:  Joel Wardlaw Ramsey (m. Sharman Burson)

His father is         Joseph Robert Ramsey  July 26, 1906 to November 20, 1979 (m. Hilda Ramsey)

His father is        Richard Hawthorne Ramsey July 05, 1874 Pineapple, Al Wilcox        (m. Cora Dowling)

His father is         David Wardlaw Ramsey  January 14, 1840 
  Oak Hill, Alabama   (m. Emma Virginia Hawthorne)  March 08, 1916    Pineapple, Wilcox County, Alabama

His father is        Abiezer Clark Ramsey    November 25, 1807 Jackson County, Georgia  (Married Amanda Wardlaw Bonham Ramsey)
                                                        January 23, 1891 Forest Homes, Butler County, Al

His father is         William Ramsey   July 27, 1770  Meclenburg, NC (M. Margaret Woodside and 2nd Nancy Huey (daughter of Andrew Huey)
                                                     July 19, 1833  Red Creek, Stone, MS

His father is        William Ramsey    (Wife Jemima )