Reading List for Children  

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Reading List for Children


We have a tendency in education to adhere to the modern premise that unless something is "relevant" to a child they cannot learn it.  Thus we forget the Bible injunction, "That which is good, that which is pure, that which is of good report...think on these things."   Many of the books below presented the "thoughts" that brought about our country's Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  Perhaps if we elevate our thoughts, we could elevate our country.  Perhaps "honor" might once again have meaning.

The books listed immediately below are those which constitute the reading list for Marva Collins Westside Preparatory School.  She takes those children labeled "disadvantaged," "learning disabled," "ADHD," "not auditory," etc. and actually teaches them.  Her theory is that our children are not "learning disabled," we are "teaching disabled."  To watch her in action is indeed watching a Master Teacher at work.

Reading List for Marva Collins Westside Preparatory School

Author's last Author's Title Publisher
Adams Russell L Great Negroes, Past & Present Golden Press
Adler Irving Mathematics Golden Press
Aldington Richard The Portable Oscar Wilde Viking Press
Alexander Lloyd The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian Dutton
Alighieri Dante Divine Comedy  
Aristophanes   The Plays of Aristophanes  
Armstrong Sperry Call of Courage  
Asimov Isaac Inside the Atom Harper and Row
Aurelius Marcus Meditations  
Austen Jane Pride and Prejudice  
Bach Richard Jonathan Livingston Seagull  
Bamberger Richard Physics Through Experiment Sterling
Barr George Research Ideas for Young Scientists  
Bendick Jeanne The First Book of Time Franklin Watts
Blackwood Paul Push and Pull:  The Story of Energy McGraw-Hill
Bleeker Sonia The Masai:  Herdes of East Africa William Morrow
Bond Michael A Bear Called Paddington Houghton Mifflin
Bontemps Arna Frederick Doublass: Slave-Fighter-Freeman Alfred A. Knopf
Bowie Walker Bible Stories for Boys & Girls  
Brent Robert The Golden Book of chemistry Experiments Western Publishers
Bradwood Robert J. Archaeologists and What They Do Franklin Watts
Bronouski Jacob and Selsam Biography of an Atom Harper and Row
Bronte Emily Wuthering Heights  
Buehr Walter The First Book of Machines Franklin Watts
Bullfinch Thomas Book of Myths  
Bunyon John Pilgrim's Progress  
Carson Rachel The Sea Around Us Golden Press
Chaucer Geoffrey The Canterbury Tales  
Chekhov Anton    
Clarke Arthur The Challenge of the Sea Holt, Rinehart & Winston
Cleary Beverly The Mouse and The Motorcycle William Morrow
Cleator P.E. Exploring the World of Archaeology Children's Press
Clymer Eleanor The Second Greatest Invention:  The Search for the First Farmers Holt, Rinehart & Winston
Colum Padraic The Children of Odin  
Cottrell Leonard Land of the Pharaohs World Publishers
Cousteau Jacques & Dumas, Frederic The Silent World Harper and Row
De Fontaine Jeanne Fables of LaFontaine  
Dickens Charles Great Expectations  
  David Copperfield  
  The Old Curiosity Shop  
  Bleak House  
Dickinson Alice The First Book of Plants Franklin Watts
Dostoyevsky Fyodor The Brothers Karamasov  
  Crime and Punishment  
Drisko Clark Unfinished March  
Dunbar Paul L. Poetry of Paul L. Dunbar  
Eaton Jeanette Marcus-Narciss Thitman Harcourt Brace Jovonovich
Edel Abraham Aristotle  
Emerson Ralph Waldo The Portable Emerson  
Epstein  Sam and Beryl Harriet Tubman, Guide to Freedom Garrard
Faulkner William Light in August  
Felton Harold W Nat Love, Negro Cowboy Dodd,Mead
Fielding Richard Hitty, Her First Hundred Years  
Fleming Ian Chitty,Chitty Bang Bang.  The Magical Car Random House
Foster G. Allen Communication Celebration Books
Foster Genevieve Augustus Caesar's World 44 B.C. to A.D. 14 Charles Scribner and Sons
Franklin Benjamin The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin  
Freeman Ira and Mae The Story of Chemistry Random House
Gallant Roy Exploring the Universe Doubleday
Golding William Lord of the Flies  
Goldsmith, Ilse Anatomy for Children Stirling
Gregor Arthur The Adventures of Man:  His Evolution from Pre-history to Civilization McMillan
Gunther John Death Be Not Proud  
Harte Bret The Luck of the roaring Camp  
Harrison George Russel The First Book of Light Franklin Watts
Haviland Virginia Favorite Fairy Tales told in Czehoslovakia Little, Brown
Henry O The Gift of the Magi  
Hardy Thomas The Return of the Native  
Hogben Lancelot The Wonderful Book of Energy  
Homer   The Odyssey (do background on Homer first, explain term odyssey, which now means long voyage)
Hugo Victor Les Miserables  
Huxley Aldous Brave New World  
Heyerdahl Thor Kon-tiki Books, Inc
Irving Washington Rip Van Winkle, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow  
Jacobs Joseph The Fables of Aesop MacMillan
Jones Vernon The Most Delectable History of Reynard the Fox  
Judson Clarra Ingram Andrew Carnegie  
Justier Norton The Phantom Tollboth Random House
Kosinski Jerry The Painted Bird  
Knight David C. The first Book of Air Franklin Watts
Knight Eric Lassie, Come Home  
Kohn Bernice The Peaceful Atom Prentice Hall
Kredel Fritz (illustrator)Aesop's Fables Aesop's Fables Crosset and Dunlap
Krylov Ivan Fifteen Fables of Krylov MacMillan
Lamb Charles Tales from Shakespeare  
Lee Harper To Kill a Mockingbird  
Leonard William E.  Aesop's Fables  
Lindgren Astrid Pippi Longstocking; Pippi Goes on Board Viking Press
London Jack White Fang and Other Stories  
Lowie Robert H Indians of the Plains Natural History Press
Malcolmson Anne Selections from the Tales of Chaucer  
Mandell Muriel Physics Experiments for Children Dover
Marlowe Christopher Dr. Faustus  
Morgan Alfred First Chemistry Book for Boys & Girls Charles Scribner and Sons
Mead Margaret Andthropologists and What They Do Franklin Watts
McCloskey Robert H Why They Wrote: The Canterbury Tales  
Mullin Virginia L. Chemistry Experiments for Children Dover
McKendry John J. Aesop, Five Centuries of Illustrated Fables Metropolitan Museum of Art
McLeod Mary King Arthur & His Knights  
Murasaki, Lady The Tales of Genji  
North Sterling The Wolfing  
Orwell George Animal Farm, 1984  
Olbracht Ivan Indian Fables Paul Hamlyn
Untermeyer Louis Story Poems: The Golden Treasury of Poetry  
Poe Edgar Allen Edgar Allan Poe's Selected Stories & Poems  
Shakespeare William Poems of William Shakespeare  
Hughes Langston Selected Poems  
Dickinson Emily Poems of Emily Dickinson  
Dunbar Paul Poems for Young People  
Sandars N.K. (ed.) The Epic of Gilgamesh  
  Mideaval Epics  
Baldwin James (ed) The Story of Roland  
Carpenter Francis Pocahontas and Her World  
Bontemps Arna The Story of George Washington Carver  
Bontemps Arna Frederrick Douglass, Slave-Fighter-Freeman  
Flenton Harold W.  Nat Love: Negro Cowboy  
Fenderson Lewis H. Thurgood Marshall, Fighter for Justice  
Judson Clara Ingram City Neighbor:  The Story of Jane Addams  
Seibert Jerry Amelia Earhart  
Keller Helen The Story of My Life  
Eaton Jeannette Gandhi, Fighter Without a Sword  
Hahn Emily Mary, Queen of Scots  
Baker Nina Brown Peter the Great  
Lathan Jean Lee Drake, the Man They Called a Pirate   
Buehr Walter The World of Marco Polo  
Aristophanes   The Plays of Aristophanes  
Plutarch   Plutarch's Lives