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Mint Juleps and Murder

By  Sharman Jean Burson


Cassandra King writes:

"I was hooked from the first scene, one of the most intriguing, and funniest, I've ever read. With this rollicking debut novel, Sharman Ramsey shines as THE bright new star in Southern fiction."
Cassandra King, author of The Sunday Wife and Same Sweet Girls

Janis Owens writes:

Sharman Ramsey writes with the full-frontal charm of a women so in love with her culture that she makes you love it more. Mint Juleps and Murder celebrates all that is wonderful in the South, past, present and future: food, friends, and family, with a spice of intrigue, a dash of history, and many pauses for laughter.

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Kathie Bennett

Magic Time Literary Agency™
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Two formerly estranged, newly widowed sisters, Dabney Palmer Ransom and Dr. Sophia Palmer Rankin use Wayfarer, the family plantation, as their gimmick and finagle their way onto the Dishing It Network .  They  become stars--WHO CANNOT COOK!  Palmer, Cox County, Alabama, a former ghost town, thirty miles from Selma, Alabama, becomes a bee hive of activity.  Organic gardens are planted by the Master Gardeners of the county.  The sisters award prizes for the victory gardens planted in gardens throughout the county.  Guest cooks from all walks of life come as guests on the show.  Sightseers come from all the world come to visit.

 Ruby T of Ruby T’s Roadhouse sets her sights on being a guest on Partyin’ when her idol, Diamond, famous for his New Orleans Restaurant and Cajun cooking who is also a star on the Dishing It Network, comes to be on the show. 

How could Ruby T know that it was Dabney’s life’s dream (other than being a star on the Dish It Up Network and write a romance novel with Flavio on the cover) to sing and dance with Sadie Summer, a former abused wife who once sang with her husband Eli Summer? Sadie’s appearance has been arranged by Ruby’s cousin the movie star S.Tee for a Charity Revue to benefit the “homeless, hopeless, helpless and hungry.”  Dabney discovers a weakness for blackmail and Ruby T winds up on the Diamond segment

 The participants of the Charity Revue bond through the preparations for the charity revue and two lonely women find a new lease on life with the unlikely friendships and adventure they stumble into.  Mix in the son of a prostitute third cousin once removed and drug lord who was adopted out and now returns to the family fold with the supposed suicide of cousin Palmer Watson.  Stir in the international attention now focused on an area where once nefarious activities could operate successfully under the radar and you have mystery and adventure.  Then dish up Gavin Crenshaw, the anesthesiologist for Dabney’s colonoscopy and Harvey Banks, retired judge and president of the Cox County Master Gardeners, and you've got a spicy romance. 

Other than Dabney’s natural talent to just “piss people off,” why would a homicidal maniac target this genealogist, star of the Dishing It Network, geriatric sex symbol, and soon to be published romance writer?

The rich history of this neglected area comes alive in this "what if" story.  Mint Juleps and Murder is a reading romp with memorable characters and settings from New Orleans, Louisiana to Cox County, Alabama.  Combining Ann George Southern Sisters mystery with Fannie Flagg’s downhome humor, friendship, family and love triumph in this unexpected second life of once estranged sisters.

Mint Juleps and Murder is the first of a series of mysteries/adventures..



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