Wakefield Plantation
Sometimes one's imagination takes hold with a persistent dream
Wakefield Gentleman's School of Southern Charm

Located in the Deep South in Furman, Wilcox County, Alabama, the Wakefield Gentleman's School of Southern Charm offers the unique opportunity for someone not blessed with having grown up exposed to Southern culture to acquire the skills and polish that define a Southern gentleman.
The base fee for a 5 day session is $10,000. Prices will vary according to the needs of the student. Call or email for more information and a detailed analysis of the requirements of the student.

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Primer on Southern Manners and Etiquette
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What is a Southern Gentleman?

Sharman Ramsey
Dean of the Wakefield Gentleman's School of Southern Charm is Sharman Burson Ramsey. The serious lack of manners and civility in society led Mrs. Ramsey to write of these issues on her Southern Culture website: Southern-style.com. She was surprised by the interest in the single page on her website titled Manners and Etiquette and by the notes and questions sent to her. Eventually corporations began contacting her requesting her assistance in preparing potential candidates for management positions by instructing them in handling situations these men might be called upon to deal with in the unique Southern culture. Wives wrote requesting her assistance with their husbands and sons who face many and varied situation that life presents. Men, eager to improve themselves, requested instruction. Recently sports associations have contacted Mrs. Ramsey. The Wakefield Gentleman's School of Southern Charm resulted from these requests.

Mrs. Ramsey's grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. Elkanah George Burson, Sr., bought Wakefield Plantation in the 1930s after raising their family in the house across the street. Wakefield has been featured in books and on websites for its unique Steamboat Gothic architecture. When it was inherited by her father and his sisters, they decided to sell. Years later, Mrs. Ramsey's sister, Dr. Sylvia Burson Rushing, and her husband, Col. Thomas Rushing, purchased the home to use as a hunting lodge, and brought it back into the family.

Dr. Rushing and her husband, Col. Thomas Rushing, agreed to host the school at Wakefield and participate in its unique mission.

Sharman Burson Ramsey is a graduate of the University of Alabama where she was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. She earned her MSE from Troy University. She is an adjunct professor of History, former radio talk show host, and author of historical fiction and The Mint Julep Mysteries. Ramsey personally directs Manners, Etiquette, Grammar and the Art of Note Writing at the Wakefield Gentleman's School of Southern Charm, in addition to overseeing the other classes.

Col. Thomas and Dr. Sylvia Rushing

Shooting, Gun Safety and Cultural Sensitivity
-- Before retiring, Col. Thomas Rushing, served as the commander of Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Training Academy in addition to his duties on the SWAT team. He is the author of a book on cultural sensitivity soon to be available. Col. Rushing attended Louisiana State University.

The Art of the Perfect Mint Julep
will be demonstrated by Dr. Sylvia Rushing. Dr. Rushing attended Sophie Newcomb College where she was a member of Phi Mu Sorority. She graduated from Tulane Medical School and is a Fellow (FACC), American College of Cardiology. Dr. Rushing currently practices with Dothan Specialty Clinic in Dothan, Alabama, relocating to Dothan after 31 years in New Orleans in order to help care for sick parents.

David Ethridge

Dress and Grooming
instruction is directed by David Ethridge. His years of experience in retail at D. Ethridge and in event planning throughout the South, fundraising and marketing with various corporations, gives him the credentials to tutor our students in Business Etiquette. He is the community relations director for Mercedes Benz and sits on the Foundations Board at the Southeast Alabama Medical Center. Mr. Ethridge has been instrumental in the development of the new medical school located in Dothan, Alabama.

David Ethridge is a gifted pianist. He and Mrs. Ramsey sing a variety of music, particularly show tunes, in the evenings at the grand piano in the front parlor. Students are encouraged to bring the instruments they play for evening entertainment.
Rebecca Suggs

Poise, Demeanor, Physical Fitness
and Dance, an important skill in both personal and business occasionsclasses are directed by the current Mrs. Alabama, Rebecca Suggs. She will instruct students in a variety of dances, including the waltz and the uniquely southern shag with its many variations.
Taylor Johnson

, a favored Southern pastime, is taught by skilled equestrian Taylor Johnson.
Andrew Ramsey

Hunting, Fishing and Sports Etiquette
is taught by Andrew Ramsey, avid sportsman and founder and CEO of Splittrips.com. Mr. Ramsey has a BS from Troy University where he was a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. He has a Masters in Operations Management from the University of Alabama.

Football is near religion in the South. Appreciating the nuances of this phenomena requires special instruction. The staff represents the school's tolerance of diversity of allegiances. Mr. Ramsey guides instruction in this important topic.
Hattie Ray

Southern Cooking with Chef Hattie Ray
keeps the staff and students well fed with her heart felt downhome cuisine. She frequently instructs in the finer skills of Southern fried chicken and other basic Southern dishes.

Joel Ramsey

Southern History
is taught by retired attorney Joel Ramsey who attended The Citadel,  graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in History, and earned a Juris Doctor from the University of Alabama School of Law. He was a member of Pi Kappa Phi social fraternity.