Mount Moriah Cemetery Records

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Mount Moriah Cemetery Records

Butler County, Alabama

Built 1828
Rebuilt 1954
William I-I. Donald
Apr. 8,1942
Erskine Grier
April 13,1898
1'1arch 23,1971
Erskine Grier Donald, M.D.
January 24,1874
July 1,1931
M. Grace Yeldell
wife of
Dr. E. G. Donald
Daughter of
W. J. & M. J. Yeldell
Jan. 1, 1877
Mar. 18, 1909
.'A true and loving mother
of seven children who shall
arise up and call her blessed. II
James Glenn Donald
son of
E. G. & Grace Y.
Feb. 26,1908
Apr. 26,1915
A precious one from us
has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled
William James Donald, M.D.
July 19, 1903
July 2, 1986

Mt. Moriah--p.2
Sam Walker Luckie
1891- 1937
Carrie Drane Luckie
1896- 1974
Carrie Drane Luckie
June 22,1927
act. 28,1930
M. Jane Vurnon
Jan. 16, 1920
Age about 'ao yrs.
Fannie B. Wright
wife of
S. R. Kendrick
Apr. 4, 1925
Age 53 years
Asleep in Jesus
Judson R.
Dec. 17, 1900
Dec. 28,1965
Walter Scott Jessie Kendrick
Aug. 16, 1884 July 4, 1893
Apr.5, 1960
Iron Fence:
Early Jackson Luckie
May 11, 1913
Nov. 3, 1982
Rose Fitzgerald Claude Thomas
Luckie Luckie
April 10,1885 JuLy 5, 1882
Aug. 8, 1971 Aug".10, 1965
Hamilton Lucky
June 24, 1871
July 16, 1927
Though lost to sight
To memory dear.

Mt. Moriah --p.3
Martha Drucilla
wifa of
W. R. Luck:ie
June 18, 1842
Mar. 1, 1914
Precious loved one we have laid thee
In the silent grave's embrace,
But thy memory will be cherished
Till we see thy heavenly face.
William R. Luckie (Masonic)
Feb. 18, 1841
Oct. 13, 1927
A friend to his country
And a believer in Christ.
End of iron fence.
Iron fence:
In loving memory
Harold Watts Grimes
son of
Wm. H. and Josephine Watts
Born Pine Apple, Ala.
August 14, 1898
Died July 25, 1969
New grave: Frances Donald Grimes
End of iron fence.
William B. Corinne,L.
Powell Powell
Aug. 3, 1908 Sept..30,1906
Jane 16,1989
Small Cement Slab

Mt. Moriah --p.4
L. A. Ward
Daugh of
D. W. & A. J. Ward
Born Jan. 3, 1895
Died Feb. 28, 1896
A flower just bursting
into bloom
E (illegible)
Elijah R. l~atsy Steen
April 19, 1880 July 14, 1883
June 17, 1939 Feb. 10,.1953
Wiley T. Anna E.
Feb. 2, 1854 Jan. 22,1856
Apr. 9, 1935 Dec. 10,1937
Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they shall see God.
son of
W.T. & Anna
1, 1888
1, 1889
Infant of
W.B. & Zora Steen
Zora L. Steen
Jan. 24,1925
June 16,1925
Willie B. ~ora M.
Apri12,1890 Scpt. 20,1093
May 8,1955 Mar. 30,1960
In God We Trust
Harvey Edward (Masonic) Jimmie Motes
Scott, M.D. wife of
1855- 1925 H. E. Scott, M.D.
1861- 1943

 5Mt. Moriah-- p. 5
Mrs. Mary Susan Scott
wife of
T. P. Kendrick
Jan 21, 1846
May 17, 1933
T. P. Kendrick
Aug. 1, 1839
Apr. 15, 1928
Mamie Kendrick Pearson
Aug. 22, 1875
July 6, 1965
Annie K. Stubbs
July 19, 1886
Aug. 7, 1972
Sudie T. Kendrick
July 3, 1883
Sept. 11, 1970
Dau. of
T.P. & M.S. Kendrick
Born Oct. 12, 1888
Died July 12, 1890
Of such is the
Kingdom of Heaven.
Tom G. Kendrick
Jan. 27, 1873
Feb. 23, 1946
Edward L. Kendrick
Jan. 5, 1869
Mar. 30, 1947
Daisy Kendrick
June 11, 1879
Aug. 2, 1952
Life's race well run
Life's work well done,
Life's victory won,
Now cometh rest.
James W. Kendrick
Dec. 30, 1889
Apr. 14, 1953

 6Mt. Moriah --p.6
Clara E.
wife of
S, R. Kendrick
Born act. 4, 1860
Died Feb. 5, 1903
She died as she lived,
trusting in God.
S. R. Kendrick
Nov. 30, 1837
Nov. 28, 1933
None knew thee but to love thee;
None named thee but to praise.
Sacred to the memory of
Lot tie
wife of
S. R. Kendrick
Born Sept. 22, 1841
Died Sept. 1, 1876
Aged 35 years, 11 months,
and 21 days.
Affliction sore For years I bore;
Physicians were in vain.
At length God pleased to give me ease
And freed me from my pain.
Mary Jane Evans
Born act. 17, 1836
Died Aug. 13, 1906
Asleep in Jesus,
Blessed thought.
Scott Kendrick
Nov. 22, 1872
July 6, 1955
W. M. Watson
Born Mar. 20, 1853
Died act. 9, 1887
It is the Lord, Let Him do
What seemeth Him good.
F. 'MC.Watson
Born Nov. 25, 1851
Died Sep. 19, 1886
He looked for a city
which hath foundations,
Whose builder and maker
is God.

 7 Mt. Moriah --p.7
To the memory of
M. H. Watson
Died April 27, AD 1875
Aged 50 years
A devoted Christian,
a kind mother, and
an affectionate wife.
Floyd M. Watson
Born Mar. 10, 1824
Died Dec. 9, 1894
Elizabeth Jane Watson
Born Jan. 8, 1827
Died Sep. 1, 1891
"Blessed are the dead which
die in the Lord from hence
forth! Yea, saith the Spirit,
that they may rest from their
labors, and their works do
follow them. "
Rev. XIV. 13
Not for the dead in Christ we weep,
Their sorrows now are o'er.
The sea is calm, the tempest past
On that eternal shore.
William M. Watson
Born Sept. 1, 1822
Died June 4, 1883
Aged 60 y.r s .9 mo ' s .& 3 d I s
Kind father of love, thou art
gone to thy rest, Forever to
bask 'mid the joys of the blest.
Tom Jones
son of
J. E. & Josephine
Born July 23, 1890
Died Oct. 2, 1891
Gone so soon.
Mary E.
daughter of
J. E. & M. E.
Died June 16, 1879
Aged 8 mos. 28 Ds.

8Mt. Moriah --p.8
Sacred to the memory of
Mrs. M. E. Knight
wife of
J. E. Knight
Born Jan. 11th, 1854
Died Sept. 24th, 1878
(marker by R.F. Nix; Montg'y)
Ruth Steen Zachry Levin Archie Zachry
Dec. 19, 1891 July 27, 1889 (Masonic)
act. 11, 1974 Nov. 29, 1964
Jul~an Perry Steen
Lt. Col. U. S. Army
World War II
Jan. 7,1905- Feb. 3,1978
John Trail Posey
Feb. 8, 1805
July 4, 1891
In memory of
wife of
J.T. Posey
Died May 2, 1875,
aged 62 years
wife of
J. E. Knight
Born May 1, 1856
Died June 28, 1893
dau. of
J. E. & Josephine
Born June 26, 1893
Died July 14, 1893
J. Walker Luckie
Jan. 4, 1848
Sept. 22, 1918
In love he lived
In peace he died
His life was asked
But God denied.
~ I

 9Mt. Moriah --p.9
(Front): (Back):
In memory of" 'Tis hard to break the
Herbert tender cord When love
son of has bound the heart.
J.W. & A.J. Luckie 'Tis hard, so hard, to
Born Dec. 18, 1886 speak the words
Died Jan. 27, 1905 'We must forever part' ."
(Front): (Back):
In memory of The child of our love
Jessie and affection we have
Dau. of laid to her long last
j.W. & A.J. Luckie rest. When God made His
Born July 13, 1876 choice, it was cast on
Died Feb. 18, 1908 the treasure we prized
LUCKIE the best. Ere the world had
defiled her spirit, we gave
her back, Lord, to thee.
"All Is Well"
Alice J.
wife of
J. W. Luckie
Born Oct. 17, 1848
Died Oct. 12, 1899
Dear, lovely mother, to
part with you Hath racked
our hearts with pain.
But tho' our loss is great,
we trust 'Tis your eternal gain.
J. J.
son of
J.W. & A.J. Luckie
Born March 11, 1880
Died May 1, 1884
The little hands are folded now,
The little heart is cold.
Another angel form has joined
The happy heavenly fold.
(Front): (Back):
Eva W. Dearest Eva, thou hast left us.
daughter of Here thy loss we deeply feel.
J.W. & A.J. Luckie But 'tis God that hath bereft us.
Born Oct. 19, 1872 He can all our sorrows heal.
Died Sept. 10,1878
Aged 5 years, 10 months,
and 21 days
, I

 10 Mt. Moriah --p.10
Lillie May
daughter of
J.W. & A.J. Luckie
Born Nov. 18,1870
Died Jan. 13,1893
God in His wisdom has recalled
The precious boon His love had given,
And tho' the casket moulders here,
The gem is sparkling now in heaven.

Iron fence:
John B. Scott
Born Dec. 15, 1806
Died July 9, 1891
Mark the perfect man
and behold the upright;
for the end of that man
is peace.
Ps. 37: 37

Mary A,
wife of
John B. Scott
Born Dec. 26, 1822
Died June 25, 1903
She died as she lived,
trusting in God
End of iron fence.
Charles S. Scott
Born July 17, 1857
Died Oct. 24, 1899
"1 am the resurrection and
the life. He that believeth
in Me, though he were dead,
yet shall he live."
Elizabeth D. Scott Charles D. Scott
Oct. 2,1860 May 6,1.886
Dec. 4, 1952 May 9, 1934
Oscar William Busey II
son of
Oscar W. and Lillian Lea Scott Busey
Alabama U.S.N.
World War II
Sept. 24, 1912- Dec. 27, 1961

11Mt. Moriah --p.ll
Lillian Lea Scott
wife of
0. W. Busey, Sr.
R. 0. Watson
Aug. 25, 1881
June 29, 1975
Thomas Smith Donald
Jan. 10, 1882
June 17, 1947
Robert Edwin Donald (Masonic)
Feb. 11, 1886
Nov. 18, 1947
(ToP of marker):
Mary and Annie Donald
"Let your light so shine before men
That they may see your good works
And glorify your Father which is
in Heaven,"
Mary Maud Donald Annie Eugenia Donald
Dec. 18, 1878 Dec. 10, 1884
Sept. 16, 1963 Jan. 1, 1964
"Come Unto Me"
Wm. P. Hutchinson
June 2, 1855
June 20, 1918
He has gone in response to
a call that must come to
everyone. We yield our wills
to the will of God who never
makes a mistake, and we live
in that blessed hope that we
shall meet our brother again.
James D. Elizabeth Steen
Hutchison Hutchison
Born April 9, 1814 Born Dec. 25, 1828
Died May 16, 1880 Died April 24,1914
Blessed are the dead who die
in the Lord. Yea, saith the
Spirit, for they rest from
their labors and their works
do follow them.

 12 ~-
Mt. Moriah --p.12
Tollie C. Shanks
Nov. 20, 1858
July 6, 1897
A light from our
household is gone,
A voice we loved
is stilled,
A place is vacant
in our hearts that
never can be filled.
wife of
T. "C. Shanks
May 1, 1861
Sept. 24, 1924
She died as she lived,
a Christian.
We will meet beyond
the river.
of R. L. and
Stella Shanks
J. Wingate Steen
Died April 12, 1895
Aged about 60 years
In memory of
Curtis Steen, Jr.
Died Dec. 31, 1873
Aged about 36 years
Death is certain,
the hour unseen.
Iron fence:
II At Rest II Sacred to the memory of
Sacred to the memory of Martha Steen,
Perry R. Steen Consort of Perry R. Steen,
Born Apr. 2,1800 and daughter of Robert and
Di~d Ju1y "13, 1887 MargaryYeldell, born in
Even from this earth, Abbeville Dist. , So. Ca.
this grave, this dust, in 1805, moved to Ala.
My God shall raise me in 1818, and deported this
uo, I trust. life of a pious and devoted
Christian 25 years and died
in the faith of the Lord.
Her spirit from this world hath flown
To repose on the bosom of God!
Where the sorrows of earth never more
May fling o'er its brightness a stain;
Where in rapture and love it shall ever
adore With a gladness unmingled with pain.
End iron fence,
I' I

13 Mt. Moriah --p.13
Mary Emma Smith
wife of
Joseph M. Donald
Aug. 30, 1856
Jan. 8, 1933
Joseph Marion Donald
Feb. 2, 1857
Oct. 1, 1891
In love he lived,
In peace he died,
His life was asked,
But God denied.
Our Loved One
James Grier Donald (Masonic)
Oct. 29,1888- June 17,1922
"Thy memory shall ever be
a guiding star to heaven. II
(Front~: (Back):
(MasonlC) .An amiable Father here
E. Jackson Luckle lies at rest
Born March ~4, ~814 As ever God with His image blef
Departed thlS llfe ..
F b. 15 1892 The frlend of man, the frlend
e , of truth,
Age 77 years, 9 mos. ~ day The friend of age, the guide
Blessed are the pure In heart,
ftho you .
for they shall see God
Matt. V:8
Margaret D.
wife of
E. Jackson Luckie
Born Sept. 16, 1816
Died July 17, 1893
Age 76 years, 8 mos, 1 day
We shall meet again, sweet Mother,
In a brighter clime than this "
Where the anguish of this world of ours
Is lost in deathless bliss. -
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *.* * * * *
Blessed are the dead who die in the
Lord. They rest from their labors
and their works do follow them.
Archie Carter Luckie
Oct. 20, 1845
Apr. 14, 1930


 15Mt. Moriah --p.15
Wilcy McMul:"phy Stccn
Apprentice Seaman
U. S. Navy
November 10, 1918
John Basil Steen
July 5, 1897
July 31, 1915
John Basil Steen
May 12, 1917
April 6, 1924
Robert Julian Steen
World War II
April 18,1926- July 22,1945
Ruth Crawford Steen
October 2, 1891
September 2, 1988
Jasper c. Steen
March 1, 1890
April 15, 1954
Fred Lee
son of
W.J. & J. Yeldell
Born Apr. 15, 1886
Died Mar. 16, 1888
No pains, no griefs,
no anxious fears,
can reach our loved
one sleeping here.
(marker by Rosebrough Sons, St. Louis)
Fannie E. Yeldell
Born Nov. 6, 1875
Died Jan. 5, 1885
God hath taken thee, dear child,
While yet so gentle, undefiled,
Ere sin hath seared thy breast .
Or sorrow waked thy tear;
Rise to the throne of changeless rest,
In yon celestial sphere.

 16Mt. Moriah--p.16
W. J. Yeldell
Born Jan. 13, 1854
Died Feb. 28, 1891
Only Sleeping
Janie Atkins
wife of
W. J. Yeldell
Jan. 19, 1855
May 28, 1937
"Blessed are the pure
in heart, for they shall
see God."
In beloved remembrance of
Robert A. Yeldell
Born Aug. 8, 1850
Died Dec. 4, 1876
Aged 26 years, 3 months,
and 26 days.
Amiable and beloved husband, farewell.
Thy years were few, but thy virtues
were many. They are recorded not on
this perishing stone, but on the
book of life and in the hearts of
thy afflicted friends.
Robert 0. Yeldell Dora Watson
August 8, 1880 wife of
June 26, 1957 Robert 0. Yeldell
January 31, 1880
January 11, 1951
daughter of
Dr. and Mrs. J.G. Donald
Born February 1, 1883
Died August 23, 1883
Infant daughters of
Dr. and Mrs. J.G. Donald
Born and Died
March 1878
son of
Dr. and Mrs. J.G. Donald
Born April 3, 1863
Died April 23, 1863

 17 Mt. Moriah --p.17
Large Mark~r:
Dr. J.G. Donald
Mary Steen Donald Eugenia Steen Donald
(Small markers):
Mary Steen Donald Dr. J.G. Donald
wife of Born at
Dr. J.G. Donald Cedar Springs, S.C.
who died August 2, 1826
May 31, 1864 Died
Aged 24 years June 5, 1893
Eugenia Steen Donald
second wife of
Dr. J.G. Donald
June 5, 1845
February 11, 1906
Robert W. Steen
2d Lieutenant 445 AAF BOMB GP
World War II
June 15,1919 April1,1944
James Donald Steen Annie Belle Yeldell
Jan. 3, 1881 wife of
Sept. 26, 1951 James Donald Steen
June 11, 1882
Apr. 13, 1971
Infant of
J.D. & A.B. Steen
Aug. 4, 1909
Hugh M. Dickson Jane Steen
Husband of wife of
Jane Steen rIugh M. Dickson
June 13, 1901 Jan 21, 1922
May 7, 1983 Jan. 10, 1974
Catherine Smith
wife of
Robert Donald
Sept. 25, 1850
Jan. 11, 1921

18 Mt. Moriah --p.18
Robert Donald
Nov. 25, 1858
Nov. 25, 1900
"Not my will, but thine be done."
W.R. & M.D. Luckie
Born Jan. 18, 1878
daughter of
W.R. & M.D. Luckie
Born Nov. 1869
Only Sleeping
In memory of
Perry Smith
who was born
September lOth, 1056
and died
July 22nd, 1865
In memory of
Henry Smith
who was born
October 21st, 185
and died
October 14th, 1861
In memory of
Jane Williams
who died
the 18th of May
A.D. 1848
aged about 80 years
In memory of
Harrison Smith
son of
Henry and Sarah A. Smith
who was born the 5th
Oct. A.D. 1841
and died the 2d
Oct. A.D. 1846
child of
Henry and Sarah A. Smith

19Mt. Moriah --p.19
In memor~ of (Masonic)
Henry SmIth
who was born July 5th, 1814
and died June 21st, 1857
Man springs from nothing, crosses time,
and disappears forever in the bosom of God;
He is seen but for a moment staggering on
the edge of the two abysses, and then he
is lost.
Sarah Ann Steen
wife of
Henry Smith
Born July 18,1823
Died Dec. 25,1899
Sleep on, Mother,
thy work is done.
Jesus has come
and borne thee home.
(1) Infant son of (2) Annibel Steen Knight
Ethel May Hall and July 20, 1915
Lawrence A. Knight,Jr. Feb. 19, 1966
Sept. 7,1962- Sept, 8,1962
(3) Lawrence A. Knight
Jan. 12, 1911
Mar. I, 1957
James Donald Steen,Jr. Bernice Yeager Steen
Mar. 25, 1912 Sept. 30, 1913
Dec. 18, 1981 Dec. 18, 1973
Herbert E. Atkins
Lt. u. S. Navy
World war II Korea
July 24,1916-Jan. 29,1988

Iron fence:
Robert Yeldell
Born Nov. 1800
Died July 7, 1865

 20 Mt. Moriah --p.20
Sacred to the memory of
Frances E. Yeldell
Consort of
Robert Yeldell
and only daughter of
James and Mary Powers.
She was born June 30,1830,
and departed this life
May 22,1860,
Aged 29 years and 22 days.
She le£t a devoted and grief-
stricken husband and three
small children, with numerous
relations and friends to mourn
their irreparable loss.
I see thee still Thou art not
in the tomb confined; Death
cannot claim the immortal mind.
Let earth close o'er its sacred
trust, Yet goodness dies not in
the dust.
Frances W.C. Yeldell
Born April 9,1860
Died July 6,1865
End iron fence.
In memory of
William Smith
who was born October 3rd,1815
and departed this life
May 15th,1864
In memory of
Thomas Seth Smith
who was born February 2nd,1844
and departed this life
May 1st, 1862
William L. Smith
Jan. 26, 1859
Mar. 10, 1869
Janie Ir\ae Smith
June 17, 1854
Mar. 29, 1864
Yancey Smith
Dec. 13, 181;>1
May 15, 1864

21Mt. Moriah --p.21
Lewis Smith
Nov. 16,1865
Death Date Unknown
Mary J.
wife of Thos. Smith
Born Mar. 23, 1825
Died May 5, 1873
"The Lord gave and the Lord
hath taken away. Blessed be
the name of the Lord."
Thos. Smith
Born June 20,1817
Died Feb. 1,1891
"Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they shall see GOd."
All Is Well
Sacred to the memory of
Our Father
John S. Powers
Born Nov. 7,1826
Died Oct. 7,1902
II I trust in a merciful God. II

Willie Jane Yeldell
May 17, 1906
Oct. 5, 1967
John M. Powers
Born Mar. 6, 1853
Died Aug.15, 1871
Mrs. Josephine A. Powers
Born July 14, 1835
Died Sept. 5, 1875
Claudia I-1. Steen
Nov. 29, 1922
Aug. 19, 1984
Proverbs 31:
Elizabeth A. Qandy
Dec. 9, 1830
Aug.13, 1900

 22Mt. Moriah --p.22
In memory of
Jesse Knight
Born January 4th, lo2n
Died June 28th, 1862

In memory of
Jessie v.
daughter of
Jesse & E.A. Knight
Born March 2lst, 1861
Died may lOth, 1867

In memory of
Amanda M. Powers
wife of
William Powers
who was born
August 28th, 1834
and died
July 31st, 1854
Aged 19 years,
11 months, and 3 days

Sacred to the memory of
Martha Knight
who was born
May 6th, 1806
and died
May 7th, 1853
Aged 47 years and 1 day

Sacred to the memory of
Edwin Knight
who was born
December 15, 1805
and died
January 29th, 1852
Aged 46 years, 1 month,
and 14 days.

Sacred to the memory of
Wyley T. Watts
who was born March 26,1820
and died August 27,1855
Aged 35 years, 5 months,
and 1 day.
I often hear in a whisper soft,
or a sweet and melting tone:
Though parted we shall meet again
Where parting is unknown.

 23~ ~ -
Mt. Moriah --p.23
In memory of
Mary E. If/atts
infant daughter of
W.T. and Mary M. Watts
who died April 1850
aged 3 months and 7 days

In memory of
Robert Watts
son of
W.T. and Mary M.Watts
Died Oct. 23rd,1854
Aged 11 months and 2 days
Wiley T.
son of
Wiley T. and Mary M. Watts
Born Jan 13th, 1857

In memory of
Robert Yeldell
who died Jan. 18th, 1835
in the 40th year of his age

In memory of
Josiah Hill
who was born Sept. 13th,1787
and died Sept. 6th, 1840
In memory of
Pamelia Hill
who died June Ist,1840
aged about 40 years

Infant son of
J.C. and Ruth Steen
Born & Died may 19,1914
Infant daughter of
J.C. and Ruth Steen
Born & Died May 11,1923
In memory of
Nancy Sanders
who died Sept. I1th,1847
aged 37 years, 6 months,
and 21 days
Broken tomb
Unable to read

 24Mt. Moriah --p,24
In memory of
Mary K. Sanders
who died July 7th,1840
aged 11 years and 23 days
In memory of
Mrs. Druscilla Smith
who was born in 1794
and departed this lefe
September Ilth, 1865

In memory of
Seth smith
who died
the 13th day of
Jan. A.D. 1839
Aged about 56 years
In memory of
Samuel Salter
who died January 7th,1837
aged 50 years
"An honest man; the best gift of God."
Erected by his son,
w. Salter

In memory of
Samuel Cryswell Salter
who died June 28, 1834
aged 26 years
The tender soul has fled.
It left the body low.
It would not here in sin remain.
It would to glory go.
Erected by his brother.
Watkins Salter

In memory of
wife of
W. Salter
who died August 18th,1842
aged 30 years
"The parting spirit is fled,
The captive body still,
Has left an aching void
This world can never fill.
Erected by her husband
W. Salter
In memory of
Mary C. Salter
who died Sept. 14th,1842
aged 63 years.
Though affliction sore, Bound me down in death,
I did but praise my God, With my parting breath.
Erected by her son, w. Salter.

 25Mt. Moriah--p.25
In memory of
Eliza Ann
wife of
B.Y. Stevenson
Born May 21st,1829
Died Aug.21st,1856

B.Y. & E.A.
In memory of
Joseph E. Thigpen
infant son of
R.S. & Eliza Thigpen
who died Sept. 11th,1855
aged 6 days

At Rest
Mary Warren Powers
Born Nov. 19,1795
Died March 15,1874
Aged 78 yrs. , 3 mos., & 5 days

Sacred to the memory of
James Powers
who was born
Feb. 26th, 1785
and died
April 13th, 1859
"Mark the perfect man, and
behold the upright, for the
end of that man is peace."
Afflictions sore for years I bore,
Physicians were in vain;
At length God Pleased to give me ease,
And freed me from my pain. ,
In memory of ~~ .
Conrad W. Knight fh~~ ~r ~iY ~
son of L.J. & C. Knight IIV\J (if' ~
Born Oct. 25, 1860 '\ /"~~
Died Sept. 13, 1891 t }~
I I'
\-- \[,I'-"' ~
Sacred to the memory of I:\ -r",,}!
Mrs. Kate Knight ~i't.-' .
Born Sept. 24,1831 ,
Died Sept. 13,191~

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord,
Their works do follow them.
Thomas Cole Minnie Lee
Apr. 3, 1887 Nov. 5, 1887
Jan.20,1943 Aug.20, ;i984

 26 Mt. Moriah--p.26
~ I rJ ~.,L.J
In memory of 'fv'lV, I~Uil P
Lewis J. Knight
born August 19th, 1829
died August 14th, 1863

In memory of
son of Lewis J. and Catherine Knight
born May 19th, 1858
died September 11th, 1863
Gone To Rest
In memory of
Lewis G.
Son of L.J. & C. Knight
Born 16,1853
Died 20,1879

Sacred to the memory of
Lockwood A. McWilliams
who was born
March 4, 1847
and departed this life
April 24, 1851
aged 4 years, 1 month,
ans 20 days
Suffer the little children to come
unto me, and forbid them not, for
of such is the Kingdom of God.

Sacred to the memory of
Eleanor E. McWilliams
who departed this life
Nov. 17, 1857
aged about 44 years
And I heard a voice from heaven saying
unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which
shall die in the Lord from henceforth, Yea,
saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their
labours; and their works do follow them.

In memory of
Henry Roland Letta Di
1789 -1868 1806-186
Malachi W. Norred
April 26, 1838
May 19, 1888
Francis F. Melton
was born May 25, 1829
and departed this life
April 25, 1850
aged 20 years and 11 months

27Mt. Moriah --p.27
son of
R.W. & M.O.
who died

In memory of
Caroline Moorer
who died
July 3rd, 1848
in the 19th year
of her age

In memory of
daughter of
Perry and Martha Steen
who died Dec. 25th, 1842
Aged 3 years, 11 months,
and 26 days.

Sacred to the memory of
Permelia M. A. Steen
Born March 19, 1831
Died March 28, 1878

At Rest
John W. Yeldell
Born Apr. 25, 1856
Died Jan 23, 1883
We trust in God to meet thee again.

Unmarked Grave
Sacred to the memory of
M. O Yeldell
wife of R. W. Yeldell
born in 1836
and died in 1859
aged 23 years
Thee loved I ever, still love L thee,
And thee will I love trough eternity.

Sacred to the memory of
Robert Steen
Born Feb. 10, 1826
Died Jan. 26, 1913

 28Mt. Moriah --p.28
Inside iron fence;
Gone To Rest
Sacred to the memory of
James S. Corley
son of
L.S. & B.J. Corley
born Nov. 25, 1856
died July 26, 1878
aged 21 yrs. 8 mos.
and 1 day
"Rest, Jimmie, rest, thy work is done.
Life's conflicts o'er, the victory won.
Now rest in peace and thy banners furl,
Where the streets are gold and the gated
are pearl."

Baby's grave covered with shells
Two more graves covered with shells

daughter of
W.J. & C.A. McLean
Ere could blight or sorrow fade,
Death came with friendly care.
The opening bud to heaven conveyed
And bade it blossom there.

Nancy E.
daughter of
W.J. & C.A. McLean
born Dec. 7, 1871
died Nov. 3, 1871 (sic)
Our lovely babe has passed away.
Too pure for earth, she could not stay.
With Angels' bright and snowy wings
In heaven's redeeming love she sings.

In memory of
Sarah Steen
who died
in the year 1834
aged about 55 years
In memory of
James Steen
who died
in the year 1838
aged about 60 years

 29Mt. Moriah --p.29
Perry R. Steen, Jr.
born Sept. 20th, 1842
died Aug. loth, 1863
aged 20 years, 10 months,
and 21 days

Infant daughter of
J.M. & M.A. Yeldell
born Jan. 19,
died Feb. 16th,
aged 27 days

In memory of
Eliza Yeldell
wife of
J. M. Yeldell
born in Abbeville District, S.C.
Nov. 12, 1818
and died May 7, 1847
aged 28 years, 5 months,
and 25 days

In memory of
James Leonidas Yeldell
born Oct. 11th, 1844
and died Nov. 6th, 1846
aged 2 years & 20 days
Sacred to the memory of
John Thigpen
who was born
Oct. 13,1775
and died Nov. 30. 1858
aged 83 years, 1 month,
and 17 days.

Sacred to the memory of
Sussanah Thigpen
who was born
Oct. 20th, 1781, and
died Nov. 11th, 1850
aged 69 years and 21 days
In memory of
Irene Elizabeth Yeldell
born Nov. 22,1850 and
died July 7th, 1852
aged 1 year, 7 months, and 27 days
Yes, love, thou wert too pure, too dear;
Earth and (illegible)

 30 ~---
Mt. Moriah --p.30
In memory of
Daniel McWilliams
who was born
July 5th, 1803
and died Sept. 26th,1854
aged 51 years, 2 months,
and 21 days
Farewell, my wife and children all;
From you a husband Christ doth call.
, Mourn not for me; it is in vain
To call me to your sight again.
In memory of Richard F.
who died
(Tomb broken)
James Monroe
son of
Susan Scott
and Honorious Powell
Born 1823
Graduated from Medical College,
Charleston, S.C. Mar. 1844
and married Annie Elizbeth Snell
Sept. 5, 1844
Died act. 6, 1852
was member of Baptist Church
and Sons of Temperance

In memory of
Leonard Scott
Who was born
A.D. 1782
and died
A.D. 1845
aged about 63 years

In memory of
Martha Scott
Daughter of John B. Scott
who died July 11th, 1853
aged 17 years and 6 months
Dear Sister, thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel,
But 'tis God that hath bereft"us
He can all our sorrows heal.
Yet again we hope to meet you
When the day of life is fled
Then in heaven with joy to greet thee
Where no farewell tears are shed
By her sister E.A. Knight

31Mt. Moriah --p.31
In memory of
'Darius F. Scott
son of J.B. Scott
who died Nov. 9th,1853
aged 2 years
In memory of
Susan Scott
wife of John B. Scott
who departed this life
Oct. 4th, 1853
aged 41 years, 5 months,
and 9 days.
She was an affectionate wife and mother,
The greatest gift of God to man.
Cornelia Simmons Luckie
April 9, 1857
July 8, 1934
Shamonah Bowie Simmons
Feb. 21, 1850
Nov. 22, 1912
When the earth life here is over
And the toils of life are done,
May we meet you at the portal
Where the ransomed gather home.
Infant son of
Shambrey Bowie
and Cornelia Simmons
Hettie Alexander
Nov. 30, 1856
February 1933
In memory of
Elizabeth A. Yeldell
Who died Dec. 3
In memory of
Margary E. Yeldell
the daughter of
Robert and Elizabeth Yeldell
who died Sept. loth, 1855
aged 30 years
My dear sister I will remember thee
and all thy pains and all thy love to me
Yea, while a breath, a pulse remains,
Will I remember thee.

 32 Mt. Moriah --.p. 32
Sacred to the memory of
Robert Yeldell
who died July 29th, 1851
in the 76th year of his age.
Erected by J.R. Y.
Sacred to the memory of
Letty Yeldell
daughter of
Robert & Margery Yeldell
who died June 4th, 1852
in the 44th year of her age
Erected by J.R.Y.
In memory of
Susan M. Yeldell
who was born
Jan. 22nd, 1807
and died Aug. 11th, 1841
aged 35 years, 6 months,
and 10 days
She lived the life and died
the death of a Christian.
Infant son of
E.J. and M.D.
Sacred to the memory of
Margery Yeldell
wife of
Robert Yeldell
who died May 27th, 1851
in the 78th year of her age.
Erected by J.R.Y.
J. D. Hutchison
Born Apr. 9, 1814
Died may 16, 1880
Dearest Father, thou art gone
We hope to Heaven above
And may we meet thee dearest one
In that fair land of love.
son of
Ed. & L .A .

Mt. Moriah --p.33
Jesse Leland
son of
J.B. & M.A. Scott
Born Aug. 11, 1862
Died Nov. 9, 1873
Sleep on, sweet Jesse. and take thy rest.
God called thee home; He thought it best.

Here lies the body of
David Wardlaw
Born December 3, 1774
Died June 3, 1840
A native of Abbeville District, So. Ca.
He lived there in distinguished respectability
and usefulness until 1820 when he moved to this
neighborhood where he afterwards dwelt in ease
and contentment; Industrious, cheerful, benevolent
and esteemed, he lived in the affection of numerous
friends and acquaintances and so passed his days in
celibacy, having neither wife nor children to mourn
after him. The regard which his amiable qualities,
his solid worth. sterling integrity, pure morals,
and stern principles secured him have endeared him
to the memory of those who knew him.
He sleeps here beneath the tomb.

E. A. Watson
wife of W. F. Watson
Born Nov. 17, 1848
Died Jan. 1, 1883

James Lee Watson
1878- 1953
son of
Eliza Thigpen and Floyd Watson
Illegible Marker

John McWhorter
Born 1819
Died 1869
A kind and loving Father
and a devoted husband,
Illegible marker

34 Mt. Moriah --p.34
Sacred to the memory of
John B.
son of
M.L. & Eleanor McWilliams
who was born
Aug. 27, 1840
and died act. 31, 1860
Aged 20 years, 2 months,
and 4 days
Asleep in Jesus

William F.
son of
W.M. & E.J. Watson
Born April 9, 1849
Died march 26, 1884
34 years, 11 mos.& 12 days
Gone But Not Forgotten


Leonard Scott, said by Dr. W. B. Palmer in History of Furman to be the great grandfather of  Nap O Knight, my great grandfather, is buried here in Mount Moriah Cemetery.  I am trying very hard to figure out this relationship.  If anyone can help, please email me!


Reminiscences of Dr. Lockwood Alison


            (Dr. Alison was born in Charleston, South Carolina, 22 Dec 1870, and died 12 Mar 1896 at Kingston, La.  The following was dictated to his grand daughter.  Publisher)


Blind, hard of hearing and helpless, I sit or lie from morning until night..  I seek entertainment in the past.  Today I have been reviewing my life in Alabama from my first visit in 1833 to my exodus in 1849.  I find there is more Scott than Alison in it for to these people of sterling worth I was indebted for my well being and I want you to know about it.


In November 1834, I received a letter from Mr. Leonard Scott, asking me to come and locate in his neighborhood.  I had been in Farmersville, Lowndes Co., Alabama, 12 months.  When I went there i got little practice.  I cleared land and made a crop, but before harvest time my practice had increased so that I was not able to gather my crop.


My prospects were bright.  I had no desire to leave, but the tone of Mr. Scott's letter please me, so i went to see him.  He was settled in a rich bottom of prairie land, circled on two sides by hills which terminated in the prairie.  He had three married sons and two married daughters settled on the hills near him and three younger children at home.  Between Tom and Susan were located a church and a grocery..  After receiving me with great hospitality, and liking the situation over with me, he took me to his grocery and introduced me to the owner.  "This is Dr. Alison.  I wish him to settle in our neighborhood.  Your place suits him.  Will you sell?  The man looked  surprised and hesitated, but I suppose he was accustomed to Mr. Scott's abrupt  ways and his ability to have things his own way, so said "yes".  "At what price?"  without hesitation he replied, $400.00.  Mr. Scott turned to me and said, "Reasonable enough, Doctor?"  I assented.  "Draw up the titles.  the doctor will be back in four weeks to take possession, will you not Doctor?"


I went back to Charleston, South Carolina and married my Jane, who had been waiting for me six years, and together we came back and settled almost on the line between Wilcox and Butler Counties in the Scott neighborhood.  Mr. Scott was a model farmer.  He raised his own horses and cows, wheat and molasses.  His crib and smoke houses were never empty.  He wore home made jeans.


Just as he imported a Doctor, so he procured a preacher.  Kedar Hawthorne was the man he chose.  He was an uneducated young man with a brilliant mind and a deep consecration.  Mr. Scott called him, gave him a house in which to live and a man to work his place, told him to study and preach.  This he did and preached with such power that his church was known for miles around.  One Sunday he preached Baptist Doctrine so strong that Jane and I went home indignant because he said thee was no bible authority for infant Baptism.  We determined to prove to him how ignorant he was and to study our Bible.  Hunting the Scripture.  We did not find it, so both, after a while joined the Baptist church.


Hawthorne's fame spread, so we did not keep him long, but when he left for a larger field of work, Mr. Scott lost no time in finding another man and giving him the same opportunity and encouragement.  This Hawthorne was the father of Dr. James Broadman Hawthorne of Southern Baptist fame, born in Wilcox Co., Alabama, 16 May 1836


Mr. Scott saw to it that the best available teacher was brought to his neighborhood, and the school there was the best in that part of the country.  In this community there was no horse  racing, no drinking, no gambling, no card playing and no dancing.


The Lord was honored and we all prospered.  Mr. Scott believed in strict  church discipline.  He was honest and upright himself and he expected every one else to do right.


On one occasion a church member had been guilty of some misdemeanor and he had heard about it.  After conference the next Sunday, Pastor Hawthorne said, "If there is no further business, a motion to adjourn is in order".  Mr. Scott was seen to be uneasy and at length turned around facing the culprit, said, "Is there anything more to come before the Church, Mr. Hardy?"  The man, very much confused, arose to his feet, confessed his fault and asked forgiveness.  This was granted, after which Mr. Scott said, "All right, we'll adjourn now".


He was a believer in giving to the church, supporting the work and everybody having a part in it, but I have heard him say more than once, "Brethren, our church is behind.  The money must be paid.  If you do not do it, by such and such a time, I'll do it myself", and he would.


Once I overtook him on his way to church.  As we crossed a bridge we saw a man fishing.  "What, fishing today, Mr. Miller?"  "The better the day the better the deed", was the reply.  "Have you a Bible, Mr. Miller?"  "No", he answered.  "Then I'll give you mine," and he got off his horse and present it with the hope that he would read it and find out what the Lord had to say about Sunday fishing.


These few instances give but a glimpse into the life of this character who was a true friend to me.  Not only to me, but to all with whom he came in contact.  He was gifted in helping men to help themselves, and the needy always found a sympathetic friend and helper.  He was a real builder of Character and of high ideals for community life.


I have had this written so that my children may know of this friend of my young manhood days and perhaps his children may someday be glad to know in what estimation their ancestor was held by the community doctor.


(The Leonard Scott referred to in this writing was the father of the James Scott and page re.  Apparently after Leonard Scott's death, the families began their migration to De Soto Parish  Lucinda Bulock, the wife of Leonard  Scott died in Kingston in 1866.  Publisher.)