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A.C.David W. Ramsey

Abiezer Clark Ramsey and son David Wardlaw Ramsey


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Ramsey Genealogy from Carolyn Ramsey on Descendancy from John Ramsey, Jr. of Maryland (before DNA thought to be also the Dothan Ramsey Line) DNA has proven this incorrect.
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These are Carolyn Ramsey's original suppositions and research added to my own. 


1. JOHN9 RAMSEY, SR. (WILLIAM8, SIR JAMES7 DE RAMSEY, GEORGE6, JAMES5, GEORGE4, NICHOLAS3, ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1)1 was born Bef. 1698 in Pennsylvania or ?1. He married MARGARET1.

Notes for JOHN RAMSEY, SR.:


1 AUTH Frederick County, VA by 1744

June 20, 1689. Will of William Ramsey of Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

To eldest son Charles and heirs 200 acres called "Leaf's Choice," on Gunpowder River and 570 acres called "William the Conqueror."

To sons William and John and their heirs residue of land.

To wife Protasia executrix, dwelling plantation adn 250acres"Sinktree,"on Chester River.

Test: James Hackett, Thomas Linthicum, and Ann Ray. Signed May12,1689.(Colonial Maryland d W ills, Annapolis, Maryland, Liber 6,folio59)

November 12, 1691. Thomas Bevan and wife Protasia, executrix of  William Ramsey's will, conveyed to John Jordan 300 acres called" Sintra" on Coursegall Creek, Chester River. (Talbot County, Maryland, Land R Liber 5, folio 331)

p. 119

Hanna's Sc-Ir v. 2, p. 60 Among the early Scotch Irish settlers were found in Newcastle County, Del and Elk Rivers on the Maryland Pennsylvania line. See Tread of Christian: Presbyterian church (Christian a raw South of the Maryland and Delaware Line). also see "The Rock" , now at Lewisville, Pennsylvania both now Chester County, PA. Upper Octara dist is now Parkesburg Chester County. This Conestoga district comprised most of the present Lancaster County , Pa . Donegal Church was near Mt. Joy. Lancaster County (See East and West Notingham Chester County Pa. Note a Hugh Glasgow born there.

Colonial Families of the United States, p. 430

Question to Carolyn: The John mentioned as a son of William Ramsey, of Bucks County, Pennsylvania who settled in the Cumberland Valley" Was this our John, SR? Or perhaps a cousin? Sharman

I have seen the book you referred to THE RAMSEYS OF MISSISSIPPI. I'm afraid Julian is incorrect in his early information about the Ramseys. His book didn't give his sources, and I believe it might have come from the LDS Library. Original documentation shows that the two brothers who came to MS, William and Noah, were the sons of William Ramsey b.18 Feb. 1743 in Baltimore Co. MD and d. Aft. 1805 in Oglethorpe Co. GA. His wife was Jemima. That much was OK , but William (b. 1743) was one of six children of John Ramsey, Jr. and his wife, Johanna Stewart (Johanna was the widow of William Poteet). John Jr. died Abt. 1805 in Columbia Co. GA. John Jr . was the son of John Sr. from Pennsylvania.)

The Samuel Ramsey who died in the American Revolution was John Jr.'s  nephew--the son of his brother, Randolph Ramsey.

Colonial Families of the United States:

vi. John, of Montgomery Co., PA, who settled in the Cumberland Valley

I tried for years to find documentation for Samuel being William's particular one Nicholas Seaver, Hampshire County (W) VA. (VA  Gen.Soc. Quarterly Vol. Vii, no 1. 10-Jan-1969...Notes from County" (VA) and where John Ramsey is a chain bearer for the later document there is a caveat by a fellow from Baltimore have a Harford Co.): Mary Ramsey to John Buchanan 5 July 1763.

My John Ramsey, Jr.(b.c.1718) and his sisters Margaret & Susannah went to Columbia County, the Cacapehon River. Hope the marriage helps you and maybe you have some help COUNTRY for practical purposes -- even though subsequent campaign of General "Mad" Anthony Wayne in western Ohio in1793-5, which lead to the treaty after the battle of Fallen Timbers (near Toledo) in 1795.

Before 1796, few white people were settled in western PA or eastern Ohio, except for some sparse settlements on the shores of the Ohio River (Logstown i.e. Ambridge, PA; Marietta, Ohio , e t c). Outside of squatters, like Thomas Taylor in 1794 in Plaingrove, (Lawrence county), an d m a y be few others -- there were few white settlers in the area before 1796. That was the year things opened up. Even in early 1796, about the first such white settlements were at Wampum and Plaingrove,PA. That (1796) was the year of a RETURN of pioneers to the Meadville (French creek) area (settled in 1787 but abandon in1790 because of Indian problems). Quickly in 1796 more areas opened up in what is now Lawrence county and places in nearby eastern Ohi o - - I believe Youngstown and Canfield, Ohio were both founded in 1796.

The settlers in these frontier areas HAD NOT JUST GOT OFF THE BOAT. THESE PIONEERS WERE PEOPLE RAISED ON THE FRONTIER by earlier generations living in the east. That is why they had a fairly high success rate in settlement.

MOST EUROPEANS (WITHOUT PRIOR COLONIAL EXPERIENCE) WERE NOT VERY WELL EQUIPPED BY TRAINING AND EDUCATION TO SURVIVE ON THE FRONTIER IN 1796.It is almost a certainty that the earliest settlers in the Beaver-Shenango-Mahoning river valleys (western PA and eastern Ohio) had ancestors that arrived in America before the American Revolution.

Beyond that I would be HESITANT to put a specific year on it, unless your Kentucky cousin has some documentary evidence to prove or suggest the year.

Ramsey being a Scottish surname, families with that name entered in numbers at several (sailing) ports. A few I know of include--New Castle, Delaware often going to Chester County , PA after about 1715.I am fairly sure some of that surname entered through Alexandria, and Dumfries, VA. I think there is a historic house called the Ramsey House in Alexandria. However , I have not been able to sort the Ramseys out in western Pennsylvania. An early President of the College of William and Mary was a Ramsey. He was not known to be close kin of mine . I digress. I apologize.

I forgot to mention that it would be the descendants of James Ramsey who married the Sally Taylor (1778-1844) who are pretty well defined --NOT HIS ANCESTORS, SIBLINGS AND COLLATERALS . Little is know about the latter. At the turn of the century there were two physicians in New Castle (Lawrence County), PA who claimed descent for SAR  purposes, from a William Ramsey, i.e. Dr. Samuel Perry, Sr. and his son, -Dr. Samuel Perry, Jr. (who lived until the 1950s as I recall). Review of their SAR applications does not reveal much.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - - - ----------------


There is a book published by a James Ramsey of Madisonville, Ky. A copy of this book is in the Historical Society Library there. I talked to Mr. Ramsey over the phone. He was also related through a William Ramsey. His book mentioned my GGGrandfather Daniel Ramsey.

James Ramsey comment on genforum


Back to Carolyn:

John, Jr and Johanna also recorded the birth of a daughter Christianna there the year after William was born. John and his children turn up in Orange County, NC, in 1768 with Christianna's husband Jeremiah Duckworth...both signed on as Regulators (Regulator's Advertisement # 9 ). After the Battle of Alamance, they went to Georgia where they were granted land and fought in the Revolution

St. George's Parish was bounded on the east and south by the Susquehanna River and Chesapeakeake Bay, on the west by Bush River and its headwaters, and on the north by Pennsylvania, constituting the upper two thirds of what became Harford County, Maryland. The Poteets lived on Deer Creek in Harford County on a plantation adjoining that of William Crabtree. Neighbors were the Pyke, Whitaker, Johnson and Demoss families. Also inside this area was property bought by John Ramsey, Jr.'s brother-in-law, John Demoss (perhaps "Demoss Gardens" but it is referred to as John Demoss's farm). This farm had as its neighbors by survey description : "Ramsay's Reserve" leased by John Ramsey, Sr.; William Patterson's land (is this "Patterson's Garden"?);Jarrett's Discovery and "Two Springs" owned by Francis Henderson. It is worth noting that when Johanna Poteet first went to court about the death of her husband, William Poteet , she went with Abraham Jarrett and William Crabtree, Jr. When John Ramsey, Sr., went to Frederick County, VA, some of this Crabtree family went, as well. Crabtrees intermarried with the Demoss family and also with William Wilbourne's son who was born in Harford County , Maryland. William Wilbourne, Jr., married Ann Crabtree who was sister of William Crabtree , J r . (husband of Mary Pike), James Crabtree (husband of Catherine Demoss), and Elizabeth Crabtree (wife of James Poteet.) The son of William Wellbourne, Jr., and wife Ann Crabtree move d on until he reached Wilkes County, Georgia, where he spelled his name Welborn. Hepzibah Starnes Welborn married Randall Ramsey's grandson Isaac Ramsey, Jr., 9 Nov. 1817, in Georgia . Descendants of the Jarretts were in Georgia, too.


From what other research I have done, I see that the land in this area had played out and was not producing well by this time. I have not been able to get to the Maryland archives to check on the pieces of leased land, but I know the process was to "lease and release " so at this point, John and his son John must have decided to let it go and head on into Virginia. Unfortunately, they are moving too slowly as the huge Beverly tract is already being le t and they will have to go over in to what is now West Virginia and was at that time the very edge of the wilderness. The period is coinciding with the beginnings of the French and Indian troubles and although John has moved into Frederick County, Randolph is right on the edge in Hampshire County. Look on a map o f rivers and follow the Potomac back to a branch called the Cacapehon River.

We can plot John and his son John's movements because of some litigation with a slave:

1743/44 We are on firmer ground with the sale for L10,000 tobacco of an Indian slave named Pompey by William Few of Baltimore County to John Ramsey (Sr.) of Baltimore County, MD, 16 February 1743/4 with John Ramsey a witness; on the same page is recorded an assignment by John Ramsey of the slave to Thomas Brerewood in consideration of Brerewood's having gone surety for Ramsey {Baltimore Co. LR TBC:429,assignmentdated 2March1743/4, ackn. 7 March 1743/4 , both documents rec. 8 March 1743/4.

Apparently the Brerewood claim was satisfied, for on 29 September 1744,by then a resident of Frederick County, Virginia, John Ramsey re-recorded the sale from William Few and then resold his interest in Pompey to William Mitchell of Frederick County (Virginia). {Frederick Co. LR1:153, ackn. and rec. 4 October 1744}. This also neatly brackets the removal of John Ramsey {Sr.} from Baltimore County to Frederick County. {Balt. Co., MD, Deed Records, Vo l . 2 : p. 181}

( Letter from Neil D. Thompson to Brice Claggett. Note that Thompson gives no indication that he is aware of the properties that were leased in Baltimore County in 1741 and 1748, }

{This same William Few, whose son Ignatious Few, Sr., was born in Baltimore County, Maryland ca. 1750 and died in Columbia County between 1809 and 1810, himself moved to Georgia before the Revolution. In1776 he was a Delegate to Georgia's first Constitutional Convention, then served as a Legislator and member of the Executive Council. He was Delegate to the Continental Congress 1780-1783 & to the Constitutional Convention in 1788-1789, as well as U.S. Senator from Georgia 1789-1783.}

When John Sr. released his land in Frederick County, VA, he leased/sold it to a William Ramsey from "Alexandria, VA, merchant." What research I have been able to do on William indicates that he was one of the founders of Alexandria and a representative of some firm in Scotland...maybe from Glasgow. Was William kin to our John Sr? When my parents were in Alexandria , years ago, they went to William Ramsey's house and the docents thought my father looked like William's picture. (Carolyn Ramsey's parents)

Religion: Presbyterian (A.C. Ramsey, Memoirs of a Methodist Circuit Rider)

1752, Jan.1 John Ramsey bought 400 acres in what is now Hampshire County {W} VA from the Proprietors of the Northern Neck. (This transcription escaped notice earlier, but is mentioned when John Ramsey and his wife Margaret sold the tract by lease and release for L100 with 5s on the lease to William Ramsey of Alexandria , Fairfax County , Virginia, merchant, on 7/8 September 1761.

{Hampshire C., MD, LR 1: 83-84, ackn. and rec. same day}

Currently located in the Virginia Archives is this document:

The Right Honourable Thomas Lord Fairfax Baron of Cameron in that Part of Great Britain called Scotland, Proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia To all to whom this present writing shall come sends Greeting Know Ye that for good landes for and in consideration of the composition to me paid and for the annual rent hereafter reserved I have given granted and and confirmed and by these presents forme my Heirs and Assigns Do give, grant and confirm unto John Ramsay of Frederick County a certain Tract of waste and ungranted land in the said County including the War Cabins on New Creek and bound e d a s by a Survey thereof made by Mr. David Vance as followeth Beginning at Nicholas Seaver's Corner a Walnut Tree on New Creek thence (S 35 W ?) two hundred poles up the said creek t o two Walnut Trees thence N 55 W Three hundred and Twenty Poles to a White Oak thence N3 5 E on e hundred poles to a and red Oak corner to Nicholas Seaver thence ( ? ) his line N 5 5 E three hundred and twenty Poles to the beginning Containing four hundred acres Together with all Rights members Appurtenances thereunto Belonging Royal Mines Excepted and a full third par t of all Lead Copper Tinn Coals Iron Mines and Iron Ore that that shall be found therein . To have and hold the said Four hundred acres of Land Together with all Rights Profits an d Benefits to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining Except before Excepted to him the said John Ram say his Heirs and Assigns forever He the said John Ramsay his heirs or Assigns there fore Yielding and Saying to my Heirs or Assigns or to my certain attorney or other way s Agent or Agents or to the certain Attorney or Attorneys or my Heirs or Assigns Proprietors of  the said Northern Neck Yearly and every Year on the Feast Day of St. Michael the Archangel the see rent of One Shilling Sterling Money for every fifty Acres of Land hereby Granted and so Proportionately for a Greater or Lesser Quantity ??iced that if the said John Ramsay his Heirs or Assigns shall not Pay the before reserved annual Rent so that the same or any Part there of shall be behind or unpaid by the space of Two whole Years after the same shall come Due if Lawfully Demanded That then it shall and may be Lawful for me my Heirs or Assigns Proprietors as a  foresaid my or their certain Attorney or Attorneys Agent or Agents into the above granted Premises to Re enter and hold the same so as if this grant had never Sayed

Given at my office in the County of Fairfax withen my said proprietary under my H a n d and Seal Dated this first day of January in the Twenty fifth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith A. D. One thousand Seven hundred and fifty two.

John Ramsay's Deed

for 400 Acres of Land


in Frederick County

{Northern Neck Grants "H" p.75 (Reel 293)Original survey exists. Frederick County , V A . ,

Library of Virginia Archives}

Northern Neck Surveys - Nicholas Seaver, Hampshire County, 144 Acres

Chester County in Pennsylvania, September ye 16th 1762. This day came Ann Downard wife to William Downard aged seventy three years or thereabouts before me one of ye Justices for Chester County first being sworn on the Holy Evangelists Disposeth and sayeth that she was aquainted with Con O'Neal & Jean Phillips his wife both of the parish of Longhall & County of Armagh in the Kingdom of Ireland & and that she was present when the said C on & Jean were married by the Church of England minister then rector of the said parish of Longhall where they lived some considerable time, that the said Con & Jean after their intermarriage had three Children towit: Arther, Daniel and Ann O'Neal, that Daniel several years ago left his native country Ireland & came to America & upon his first landing lived with t his Deponent about six months from whence he removed in some short time aftertoye back parts in Virginia and there as the Deponent has been informed Died and that about three or foure years ago Arther O'Neal the Elder brother of the said Daniel came unto this country & also live d with this Deponent some time & that upon his coming to hir house he after sometime perfectly well recollected him the said Arther O'Neall being about twintey (sic) years of age when this Deponant left his own native country and this Deponent sayeth that she was informed by said Arther and understood that the said Ann Sister of the said Daniel and Arther is intermarried with on e James Conlen & is still living and that she has several children by him and further sayeth not. Ann Downard (her mark)

Sworn before me George Correy

Generation No. 1


April the 28th 1753. Surveyed for Daniel O'Neal where there is an Improvement on a place called the Big Meadow being on a Draught of Pattersons Creek in Frederick County . ( 1 4 4acres)Da(vi)dVance,Charles Siler, John Ramsey, chain carriers.

(on back)

Caveated by Wm Ashmore of Baltimore County, Maryland.

April the 1 1762. Summons issued for Ashmore. . .the parties concerned appearing t i s a g reed that no Deed is to issue til the heir of Danl O'Neal is proved & the sd William Ashmore is present.

August 8th 1764 Mr G. Jones appearing for Ashmore and the said Seavour being preset it s agreed that the Deed issue according the will of Arther O' Neal Deced only reserving  f o r the widow of Danl O'Neal her thirds. Devised to Ann Conlan of the Kingdom of Ireland & sister to Dan'l O'Neal & Arther O'Neal & the Heirs of her body lawfully begotten forever but in case she or they shall not come to America then to Nics Seaver his heirs and Assign s forever . Reserving to Hannah Ashmore of  maryland formerly wife of Dan'l O'Neal her r i g h t of Dower. (In another document she is called Ann Ashmore, wife of William Ashmore of Baltimore County, Maryland.)

{Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly . Vol. VII, Number1(01Jan.1969) Notes from t h e County Court Records}

If you notice that Nicholas Seaver was a neighbor to John Ramsey on his line for The War Cabins then you will see a connection with Chester County, PA. Whatever the connection with Seaver and the O'Neals, there seems to be one and it leads right back to Ireland. These people appear to also connect with Baltimore County, Maryland. Guess all that is not proof of much , but it surely leads you along, doesn't it? I shall continue to plug along here.



Ramsey, John, m. Christian (____), and had issue: Eleanor b. 27 June1741(128: 115).

Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759, p. 528



Ramsey John, Jr., m. by 1 Dec. 1744, Joanna, admnx of William Poteet: had Issue: Christian , b . 18 Feb. 1743; William, b. 18 Feb. 1743(5:4;131:118/r).

Baltimore County Families, p. 528

Ulster was nine counties at the time your concentrating on, but when the Republic of Ireland came about only 6 stayed with the UK. That's a big simplification, but basically I think I've got it right. There are Stewarts all over up there!!!!! Have you read up on the Plantation of 1610? Several of the big 'Undertakers' were Stewarts, and of course they brought their clansmen with them. Not to say relatives, but people who used the last name also out of loyalty. There are pockets in Co. Antrim, up in the parish of Ballintoy, of Stewarts who came earlier straight from Bute, and Stewart families in Co. Down that just came across in the ferry on e fine day for no other reason but things were bad at home, but from the sound of your story I think you probably should look first in county Tyrone. Near Stewartstown there was a big group, and over in the Strabane-Londonderry area there was another, which also spilled over into eastern Co. Donegal which was part of Ulster at that time.

  •  A good book to read on all this which gives maps and names and statistics is 'The Scottish Migration to Ulster in the Reign of James I', by M.Perceval-Maxwell, ISBN 0-901905-77-1. It was reprinted a few years ago by the Ulster Historical Foundation, 12 College Square East,Belfast,BT16DD, No. Ireland . They have a website at http://www.uhf.org.uk/welcome.htm  and are very helpful.
  • Also of course, the old standby, 'The Scotch-Irish', by James Hanna in two volumes is a must. It's in many libraries, but was reprinted bytheGenealogical Publishing co. in Baltimore not long ago . Their website is http://www.genealogical.com/  Have fun! Regards, Mary in Greece

Notes for SARAH ALLEN:


Could this Sarah be related to the daughter of William Allen of Bensalem Township, Pennsylvania, whose daughter Margaret married in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Captain William Ramsey , b . Nov. 1732, d. aftr 1795 who removed from Bucks to Cumberland County, and afterwards to Franklin County, Pennsylvania. In 1705 he was in North Carolina. Was a colonial soldier of Bucks County in the French and IndianWar1755-56,hisbrother-in-law, John Johnston being a Lieutenant of the same company. After marrying Margaret Captain William Ramsey moved to Cumberland Co u n t y, Pennsylvania, settling first in Antrim Township and later in Hamilton Township, afterwards included in the present limits of Franklin County.


Children of JOHN RAMSEY and CHRISTIANA are:




Rev. Jim Ramsey of Texas. He wrote two or three books on the Ramseys from the Savannah River area in the 80s. Carolyn Ramsay is confident that the Samuel Ramsey he descends from is William's older brother Samuel and thus son of Christiana and John Jr. Samuel named his children the same names John used. His sons John and Mathew died young, and his son James went to Mississippi, I believe. His books and it indicates that he knows they lived on the SC side of the Savannah but were kin to those across the river on the GA side. That was US

6. ii. ELEANOR RAMSEY, b. June 27, 1741, Baltimore Co. MD8; d. Bef. September 04, 1809, in Warren Co. GA.



7. iii. JAMES11 RAMSEY, d. Bef. December 08, 1863, Habersham Co. GA.

8. iv. RANDOLPH RAMSEY, d. 1821, in Lincoln Co. GA.



9. vii. CHRISTIAN RAMSEY, b. February 18, 1742/43, Baltimore Co. MD.

10. viii. WILLIAM RAMSEY, REVOLUTIONARY WAR VETERAN, b. February 18, 1742/43, Baltimore Co. MD; d. Aft. 1805, Oglethorpe Co. GA.

3. MARGARET10 RAMSEY (JOHN9, WILLIAM8, SIR JAMES7 DE RAMSEY, GEORGE6, JAMES5, GEORGE4, NICHOLAS3, ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1)1 was born Abt. 17201. She married LEWIS DEMOSS1, son of LEWIS DEMOSS. He was born November 01, 1715 in in Old Baltimore Co. MD1, and died Bef. June 06, 1749 in in Opecan, VA1.




1737 : Liuce Demoss ... Baltimore County Tax list shows him on Upper Hundred north of Gunpowder Hundred on the property of John Fuller, Jr., who was responsible for his tax.

1743, January 6 : Lewes Demorse and Margrett Ramsey married 6 January 1743.

{St. John's and St. George's Parish Registers 1696-1851, HenryC.Peden,Jr., Family Line Publications, 1987, page 189}

also for Susannah:



i. CHRISTIAN11 DEMOSS1, b. Bef. 17491.

ii. ELIZABETH DEMOSS1, b. Bef. 17491; m. DANIEL MCCLURE1, 1794, Berkeley Co. VA (now W. VA.)1.

4. SUSANNAH10 RAMSEY (JOHN9, WILLIAM8, SIR JAMES7 DE RAMSEY, GEORGE6, JAMES5, GEORGE4, NICHOLAS3, ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1)1 was born Abt. 17201. She married JOHN DEMOSS1 February 02, 1742/43 in Baltimore Co., MD1, son of LOUIS DEMOSS and CATHERINE. He was born Abt. 1720 in in Baltimore Co., MD1, and died March 23, 1806 in Harford Co., MD1.



John Demoss was born Aug. 9, 1718- St John Parish Records, Baltimore, Maryland-- baptized 19 August 1719, and died 23 March1806.He was married when already a resident of Opecan , (Orange County, VA) to Susan (Susannah) Ramsey in Old Baltimore County, Maryland--Parish Records St. George's Parish.

1743, February 2 John Demorse and Susannah Ramsey married 2 February1743.

{St. John's and St. George's Parish Registers 1696-1851 ,Henry C. Peden, Jr., Family Line publications, 1987.}

1743,February 2 John DeMoss son of Lewis DeMoss married Susan (Susannah) Ramsey. Parish

records show that John was living at Opecan, Virginia, and Susan in Old Baltimore County, Maryland, at the time.

1744, Nov.9: His mother Catherine, widow, conveyed to him100acresonMillCreek in Virginia-

Orange County, VA-Deed Book 1, p. 152.

1755, Feb.5: John Demos was of Baltimore County, when he was given Power of Attorney fo r " his beloved friend" (actually his brother-in-law) Randall Ramsey of Brookshire (Hampshire ) , Virginia.

1766: Demoss, John ..Baltimore County, Maryland

The above named person, a resident of Baltimore County, Maryland, in 1766, is found in the petitions for and against removal of the county seat from Joppa to Baltimore.

1782, in Hampshire County, Virginia, Census of 1782; head of family of 6.

1783, John DeMoss with John DeMoss, Jr. were in Harford County, MD.The1783tax list show s t h e m paying taxes in Bush River Upper and Eden Hundred.

1784, John DeMoss is listed in the St. James Parish records as a contributor to the pastor' s salary.

1786, December 2, A certificate of survey signed by James Caulder. Examined

and approved June 30, 1789, The following endorsements on certificate

amount of John Demoss's  purchase: 206 acresforL37-10-9;surplus25 acres for L 7 - 6 -10. For valuereceivedof my son John Demoss, Jr., I

hereby assign and make over to him all my right to the withen land and devise that grant make issue in his name. Witnesses: Josiah Carter,

William Patterson, & Christopher Jun. Signed: John Demoss his mark.

1789, June 22, purchased "DeMoss's Garden" in Harford County; 291/2 acres beginning at Patterson's Garden and bordering Francis Henderson's land called "Two Springs" and "Jarrett ' s Discovery". (Vol.10No."P"p.340:a Demoss farm patented to John Demoss of Harford County and made over to John Demoss, Jr., was near lands called "Ramsey's Reserve", "William Patterson's Land" and "Jarrett's Discovery".)

1790, in Harford County, Maryland, Census; head of household with 2 white females over 16.

1792, July 24 : John Demoss 145 Acres Hampshire

Henry Lee, Esquire, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia,T o all to whom these presents shall come Greeting: Know ye that by virtue of a Warrent issued from the late lord proprietor's Office of the Northern Neck and in Consideration of the Ancient Composition of fifteen Shillings Sterling paid by John Demoss into the Treasury of the Commonwealth, there is granted by the same Commonwealth unto the said John Demoss Assignee of William Demoss a certain Tract or parcel of Land, containing One hundred and forty five Acres by Survey bearing date the twenty eighth day of October one thousand seven hundred and seventy two, Lying and being in the County of Hampshire adjoining Great Cacapehon and nears aid William Demoss's land and bounded as followeth, To wit, Beginning at a Chesnut oak and dogwood on the West bank of said creek extending thence along the bank of the same down the Meanders of the creek North twenty two degrees West twenty three poles North sixteen degrees West twenty poles North two degrees West twenty six poles North twenty five degrees West thirty six poles to a Gum and white hickory on the bank thereof, thence leaving it north sixty nine degrees West twenty poles to a hickory and Sycamore in a very Deep Rocky Gully, thence North twenty eight degrees West two hundred and two poles to two pines on a hill, South fifty one degrees West one hundred and fifty two poles to three chestnut oaks on a hill, South fifty five degrees East three hundred and sixteen poles to the beginning with its appurtenances, To have and to hold the said Tractor parcel of Land, with its Appurtenances, to the said John Demoss and his Heirs forever . In Witness whereof of the said Henry Lee, Esquire, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, hath here unto set his hand, and Caused the lesser Seal of the said Commonwealth to be Affixed at Richmond, on the twenty fourth day of July in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and ninety two, and of the Commonwealth the Seventeenth. Henry Lee

{Library of Virginia Archives; Northern Neck Grants "W", 1792-1795.p.117 - 118 (Reel 3 0 2 ) }

1802, January 16, gave "De Moss's Garden" to his son John Demoss, Jr.

1803, bought "Traveler's Repose", 127 acres at Belair - Land Records.




5. RANDOLPH10 RAMSEY (JOHN9, WILLIAM8, SIR JAMES7 DE RAMSEY, GEORGE6, JAMES5, GEORGE4, NICHOLAS3, ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1)1 was born Abt. 17201, and died in Columbia County, Georgia1.



Samuel Ramsey who died in the American Revolution was John Jr.'s nephew--the son of his brother, Randolph Ramsey.



11. i. SAMUEL11 RAMSEY, b. Abt. 1715; d. April 08, 1768, Onslow County, North Carolina.


Generation No. 3


6. ELEANOR11 RAMSEY (JOHN10, JOHN9, WILLIAM8, SIR JAMES7 DE RAMSEY, GEORGE6, JAMES5, GEORGE4, NICHOLAS3, ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1)1 was born June 27, 1741 in Baltimore Co. MD81, and died Bef. September 04, 1809 in in Warren Co. GA1. She married MARTIN MALONE1.








7. JAMES11 RAMSEY (JOHN10, JOHN9, WILLIAM8, SIR JAMES7 DE RAMSEY, GEORGE6, JAMES5, GEORGE4, NICHOLAS3, ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1)1 died Bef. December 08, 1863 in Habersham Co. GA1. He married ELIZA1.



Family of James H. Ramsey @1804 and wife Eliza @1814inSouthCarolina.Children were: Jo h n 1 8 29-1907; James, Jr.1834-1861;George H.1836-;Jane 1838-; Sarah 1841-; Eliza Ann 1843 - m . Warren; William; Joseph; Druscilla m. Marsh; Selina 1858-1918 m. O'Quinn; and Henrietta


Children of JAMES RAMSEY and ELIZA are:














My Randolph was grown with seven children in a request to the government of Georgia for property in 1772. He was given property on the Little Kiokee River in Columbia County, later moved to Lincoln County where he died in 1826. His father John Ramsey died in Columbia County in 1 8 05 . He did have a wife named Polly . John Ramsey already had children in Old Baltimore County, MD , before 1745. Carolyn Ramsay

The following are documents for John Sr's other known son, Randolph Ramsey(he was in Baltimore County, MD, then went to Hampshire County, VA,and finally was in Columbia County, GA, when h e and John Jr. were in the Rev War.

1748 : Randall Ramsey : 99 year lease made in Baltimore Countyon "Randall's Retirement" Baltimore Co., MD

(Scharf Collection: Property lease Agreements)

1755, February 12 : Randal Ramsey to John Demos a Power of Attorney


KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that I Randle Ramsey of Brookshire County In the Province of Virginia {Hampshire County, (W) Virginia} Farmer have made and ordained Constituted

and by These presents do make ordain and Constitute and in my Place and Stead put and Depute my trusty and Loving friend John Demos of Baltimore County and Province of

Maryland Planter my True and lawfull attorney for me and in my name and for my use to sign over to William Few by lawfull Deed of Conveyance or to his assigns to and for their Proper

use a Certain Tract in Baltimore County aforesaid Containing Eighty Acres of land being part of my Lord's Reserved Land in said County Execute and preform as fully Largely and Amply

to all Intents and purposes as I myself might or could Do if I was Personally present or as if The Matter Required More Special Authority then is herein given in Witness where of I have

hereunto set My hand and Seal this 12 Day of Febry 1755.Signed Sealed and Delivered in Presence of Randal Ramsey seal

Isaac Ramsey James Cain John Peteet (J his mark)

Received and Recorded This Twenty Second Day of March In theYear of our Lord CHRIST one Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Five J B Bordley Clerk

1761, September 20 Randol Ramsey to Archibald Aiken Dede Randols Retirement

THIS INDENTURE made Twenty of September in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty one Between Randol Ramsey of Baltimore County in the Province of Maryland of the one part and Archibald Aiken of the same County and province of the other part Whereas the Right Honorable Benjamin Tasher, Esquire His Lordships Agent and Receiver General of and for the  Province of Maryland by Indenture of Lease ( ?) to Date on or about the 6th Day of Mar c h 1746 and ( ? )Between him the said Benjamin Tasher for( ? ) Behalf of his said Lordship the Lord Proprietor ( ? ) of the one Part and the said Randol Ramsey of the other Part he the said Benjamin Tasher for the Considerations therein mentioned did ( ? emi ? ) to farm let unto the said Randol Ramsey his Executors

Administrators and Assigns All that Tract or Parcel of Land Randals Retirement Containing Eighty acres being Part of the Lands reserved in the said ( ? ) for his lordships Use to be had and Holden( ?) The said Randol Ramsey his Executors Administrators and Assigns from the a foresaid 6th Day of March ( ? ) for and During the Term of Ninety Nine years ( ? ) Next to Come under Sundry Covenants Agreements Clauses Restrictions and Provisos as in and by ( ? )said Indentures of Lease may more fully and a ( ? ) Appear Now this Indenture therefore Witnesseth that the Said Randol Ramsey for and in Consideration of the Sum of Forty Pounds Current Money to himself in hand by the said Archibald Aiken paid the Receipt whereof he the Said Archibald Aiken (end of page 21 and begin page 22) herewith fully Satisfied Contented and paid hath granted bargained sold assigned and set over and by these Presents doth grant Bargain sell Assign and set over unto the said ArchibaldAikenhis Executors Administrators and Assigns all the aforesaid Tract of parcel of Land Butted and Bound e d A c cording to The Ancient Motes and Bounds as mentioned and Expressed in the Certificate a n d Lease of said Land Together with all Rights Profits Benefits Privileges and Advantages to the said Bargained and Assigned Tract or Parcel of Land Belonging or in any wise Appurtaining TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said Bargeined and Assigned Tract or Parcel of Land with the premeses and Appurtenances (under the Rights Covenents Clauses and Agreements in the above recited Lease Contained) unto him the said Archibald Aiken his Executors Administrators and Assigns for and During all yet to Come from the Date of the above recited Lease and the said Randol Ramsey for him self his heirs Executors and Administrators doth hereby Covenant (gr????)Agree to and wit h t h e said Archibald Aiken his Executors Administrators and Assigns that he the said Randal Ramseys hal and will Warrant and Defend the said Bargained Tract of parcel of land with the Premeses and Appurtanances unto him the said Archibald Aiken his Executors Administrators and Assigns for and During the Term above mentioned (and under the Aforesaid Rents Covenants Clauses Agreements) against all and all Manner of Person or persons Lawfully Claiming or hereafter Lawfully to Claim from by or under him the said Randol Ramsey his Heirs Executors or Administrators

(end of page 22 beginning of page 23

First above Written Signed Sealed and Delivered in Presence of N Buxton Gay

John Demos (his mark) Attorney for Randol Ramsey

LICENCE is hereby given to Randol Ramsey to Sell and Assign the within Tract of Land to Archibald Aiken he having paid me Eight Shillings Sterling for this Licence for the use of the Lord Baltimore by Order of Edward Loyd Esquire his Lordships Agent as Witness my hand Seal this 25th day of September 1761 N Buxton Gay seal

On the Twenty fifth day of September 1761 Came the within named John Demos before us the Subscribers two Justices of the Peace for the County of Baltimore and by Virtue of a Power of Attorney for that purpose from Randol Ramsey Acknowledged the within Deed to be his Act and all the Right and Title of the said Randol Ramsey to the within Bargained and Assigned Tract or parcel of Land to be the Right and Title of the within named Archibald Aiken his Executors Administrators or Assigns as Witness our Hands------------------

N Buxton Gay Thos. Franklin

1762 RECEIVED and Recorded this twenty second Day of March In the Year of our Lord CHRIST one Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Two B Bordley clerk

For Randal Ramsey

1761, September 25th

Received of Archibald Akin The Sum of forty Pounds Current Money for the use of Randal

Ramsey being the Consideration Money mentioned in the within Deed as witnessed by my

hand John E Demos Attorney for Randal Ramsey Test:N Buxton Gay

License is hereby given to Randal Ramsey to Sell and assign the ?ith Tract of Land to

Archibald Akin he having paid me Eight Shillings Sterling for the Licence for the use of the

Lord Baltimore by order of Edward Loyd Esquire his Lordship's Agent as Witness my hand

Seal this 25th Day of September 1761. N Buxton Gay seal

1761, Aug. 17: The Right Honourable Thomas Lord Fairfax Baron of Cameron in that part of Great Britain Called Scotland Proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia To all to whom this present writing shall come sends Greeting. Know yee that for good causes for & inconsideration of the Compensation to me paid & for the annual rent hereinafter reserved I have given granted & confirmed & by these presents for me my Heirs and Assigns Do give grant & confirm unto Jacob Lerue of Frederick County a certain Tract of waste & ungranted Land on the N . West-side of Great Cacapehon in Hampshire County between Randall Ramsay's Survey and William D e moss & bounded as by a survey thereof made by John Mauzy as follows BEGINNING at three young white oaks by a branch that empties itself at the shallow ford above William Demosses then S 20* W one hundred & six poles to a white oak on a hill, S70* E one hundred and eighteen poles to a white oak on the said Hill then S55* E one hundred and forty seven poles to a young Dogwood by the River then down the river N 13* E sixty poles to a hickory & young sugar tree a little above the mouth of the said branch, then N 59* W two hundred&sixty seven poles to the BEGINNING containing one hundred and seventeen Acres. Together with all Rights Members & appurtenances thereunto belonging Royal Mines Excepted and a full third part of all  Lead Copper Tinn Coals Iron Mine & Iron Ore that shall be found thereon To have and to hold the said one hundred & seventeen Acres of land Together with all Rights Profits and benefits to the same belonging or in anywise appertaining Except before Excepted To him the said Jacob Lrue his heirs or Assigns forever he the said Jacob Lerue his Heirs or Assigns therefore yielding & paying to me my heirs or Assigns or to my certain Attorney or Attornies Agent or Agents or to the certain Attorney or Attornies of my heirs or Assigns Proprietors o f the said Northern Neck yearly & every year on the feast day of St. Michael the Archangel the fee rent of one shilling Sterling money for every fifty Acres of land truly granted & so proportionably for a greater or lesser Quantity. Provided that if the said Jacob Lerue his heirs or Assigns shall not pay the said reserved annual rent as aforesaid so that the same or any part thereof be behind or unpaid by the space of two whole years after the same shall become due if Legally Demanded that then it shall &may be lawful for me my Heirs or Assigns proprietors as aforesaid my or their certain Attorney or Attornies Agent or Agents into the above granted Premesis to Enter & hold the same so as if this Grant had never passed.

Given at my Office in the County of Fairfax within my said Proprietary under my hand & Seal . Dated this seventeenth day of August in the first year of his Majesty King George the Third's Reign. AD 1761.Fairfax

Jacob Lerue's Deed for 117 Acres.

{Library of Virginia Archives; Northern Neck Grants "K", 1757-1762,p.316(reel 294)}

This tells us that Randolph Ramsey still owns the piece of property in Hampshire County in 1761, and he has not left the area yet.So far I have been unable to locate Randolph' s grant for the Hampshire County, (W) VA property.