Simply Southern Wedding Part II

A Downhome Perspective on All Things Southern

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Brooke and Mike



Boiled Peanuts (Southern caviar)
(in back garden room)

Chicken salad tartlets

Roast Beef with Rolls


Boiled Shrimp

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Chicken Fingers

Mashed Potato Bar

Fresh Fruit and Cheese

Black eyed Pea Salsa w/chips

Vegetable quiche

Green Bean Bundles

Cheese Pecan Crisps

Almond Toasties

Brides Cake
Grooms Cake
(in living room)



14.  CakeJoy Cowart, a family friend, came through with two of the tastiest, prettiest cakes I have ever seen. Fresh hydrangea ornamented the brides cake. The only problem was that the hydrangea were not conditioned as well as they should have been by the flower lady…me! The stems should have been crushed to draw in more water into the stems, kept in the shade and frequently refreshed with ice cubes in the water. The chocolate grooms cake was so good it was sinful.

P1010045.jpg picture by brookie018

For the children’s area we ordered a two layer cake from Rolen’s Bakery (our all time favorite for birthdays and special events) with a wedding Mickey and Minnie mouse topper that I ordered from Disney online. The top layer was blue polka dotted on white icing. The bottom had blue stripes. The caterer also put special goodies on the children’s table. The flower girl, our granddaughter, Lily Clare Butterworth, was "in charge" of that area, along with cousins, Hannah, Rebecca, Mallory and Mary Elle Burson. We were not quite quick enough to get a picture of the "whole" cake. 

15.CateringFaye Jacobs and Carolyn Brown at Pans and Petals came highly recommended byP1010042.jpg picture by brookie018 a good friend for whom they have catered three weddings. We wanted a southern menu and that included boiled peanuts. We bought a full bushel of boiled peanuts at McNeil Farms and they were a real hit.  Carolyn suggested just a sample of the food in the dining room, with the full buffet outside.  Faye suggested that we use regular dinner napkins for the buffet, cocktail napkins for the bar and the personalized napkins for the cake. 

This table in our dining room held just enough food to hold a guest over until they made it through the family room to the bar in the sunroom and onto the food under the carport and tables set up throughout the back yard.

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16.  Bar --We saved money buying our champagne and wine from Green Beverage in Atlanta, well-known for their prices and quality. We found the Bellini mix in Clanton, Alabama at the same peach stand where I found the "pew buckets." Our bartender mixed the Bellini mix with the champagne and put it in a pottery lemonade dispenser I had bought at Sam's and we had a continual source of Bellinis (peach juice and champagne) until they ran out…long after the bride and groom left. The party continued into the night.  When the bartender arrived she decided we should open the window on the far side of the sunroom and serve in two locations.  That worked out well and kept a backlog from forming.

Wedding Punch, Champagne, Bellinis, Wine and Beer

A limited Liquor offering