A Reading List for Adults

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A Reading List for Adults

Below you will find the books that were a part of Benjamin Hawkins' Estate. 
(Hawkins was Agent to the Creek Indians--Born, August 15, 1754, Granville (now Warren) County, he died June 6, 1816, Crawford County, Georgia).  This was a frontier library.

Hawkins grew up in North Carolina with enough education to later attend the College of New Jersey (now Princeton).  When we arrogantly presume that certain books are beyond the level of ability of our children we are giving them a short shrift on their education. Those who prepared Benjamin Hawkins and his colleagues at the Continental Congress did not realize they were preparing founders for a new nation.  They merely prepared them to be educated men with a broad background to prepare them for whatever they might encounter.  There was no question as to the validity of teaching sound/letter correlation...they were taught a phonetic language phonetically.  They learned the roots of words by learning Latin and thereby extended their vocabulary.  They were taught to think by reading great thoughts in their original languages (Latin and Greek).  As Sir Isaac Newton said, "I stand on the shoulders of giants."   They were taught to write by having them write in the style of those great writers in those original languages.  Notice the "ancient" texts.  (Refer back to Marva Collins to see those she shares in common.)

Library: Who purchased the book  What was paid
1st Edition of G. H. Loskeah Mission among the N. A. I.  James Everett  0.25
4 vol. French Books  William Mitchell  0.25
7 vol. French Books  William Mitchell  0.25
7 vol. French Books  William Mitchell  4.25
9 Vol. French Books  Lewis Magnan  0.25
A Treatice on Natural Philosophy & Religion  Hugh McKay  .18  
Abercrumbies Arrgts - 2 Vol.  William Mitchell  1.5
Acts of Congress  Robert Erwin  0.25
Adair American Indians  Joseph Wood  1.37  
Ainsworths Dictionary 2 Vol.  Charles Belton  1
Allens Dictionary  James Everett  0.75
American Geography  Thomas Grubbs  3
American Museum 3 vol  Thomas M. Ellis  1.68  
American Oracle  Thomas M. Ellis  0.25
Barlows Columbian  Mrs. Lavinia Hawkins  13
Bartrems Travels  William Robertson  0.5
Batelles Law of Nations  Thomas M. Ellis  4
Belknaps History of N. Hampshire  Lewis Magnan  .93  
Bell of Wounds  Robert Erwin  0.25
Belles Lettres - 3 vol.  J. W. Ray  1.62  
Bellesarius & History of Charles the 12th  Mrs. Lavinia Hawkins  0.75
Blackstones Commentary - 4 vol.  James Everet  6.5
Boyre's Dictionary  Lewis Magnan  4
Buchans Domestic Medicine  Wormly Rose  1
Buffon - 9 vol.  Thomas M. Ellis  19
Burns's Justice - 4 vol.  Joseph Wood  6
Carys Atlas  J. W. Ray  .31  
Chamband Dictionary  Charles Belton  1.25
Chesterfields Letters - 5 vol  Lewis Magnan  1.37  
Chesterfields Letters 2 vol  Lewis Magnan  1.13  
Children of the Abby - 2 Vol  Thomas M. Ellis  1.75
Cicero's Orations  James Everett  1.25
Clarkes Justice  Lewis Magnan  .18  
Clarks Homer 2 vol  Charles Belton  .62  
Congraves Works  J. W. Ray  1.18  
Consitution of Gr. Britain  Capt. Hawkins  0.5
Cottacks Sermons     
Defense of the American Constitution & Jefferson Notes  Joseph Wood  2.25
Denmans Midwifry - 2 vol.  Joseph Wood  2.25
Dufups Nature Displayed  Thomas M. Ellis  .87  
Dwights Geography  Thomas M. Ellis  .31  
Elermonts Cookery  Benjamin Durden  1.25
Englishmans Fortunes  Lewis Magnan  0.25
Etilnna France  Charles Belton  .68  
Examination of Sheffields Observation - Journal H.R. 3rd Congress  Hugh McKay  1.12  
Fergusons Essays  Charles Belton  1.12  
Georgraphical Grammar  Hugh McKay  1.12  
Georgraphy of America  Robert Erwin  1
Gibbons Roman Empire - 11 vol. Deffect - 3 vol  William Robertson  17
Gill Blus     
Godwins Enquiry, Prestly's Lectures & Valenys Views  William Mitchell  3
Greek Lexicon  William Hawkins  1.5
Harrison on Agriculture  J. W. Ray  .81  
Hazards Historical Collection  Robert Erwin  0.75
History of Vermont  Kenchen Currel  0.5
Homers Odessy  Charles Belton  0.5
Horaces Works  Lewis Magnan  0.25
Humes History - 8 Vol  R. Wood  11
Jeffersons Notes  Mrs. Lavinia Hawkins  .62  
Jenkinsons Treaty - 3 Vol  Lewis Magnan  1.62  
Keys on Bees  J. W. Ray  0.5
Laws of 1st Congress  Kenchen Currel  .31  
Laws of U.S. 4 vol.  Thomas Grubbs  4
Leland Demosthens 3 vol.  J. W. Ray  2.06  
Levignes Letters 4 vol  Haynes Crabtree  1.75
Lewis & Clarks Travels - w Vol  Joseph Wood  4
Lucretias Nature of Things - 2 Vol  Joseph Wood  2.87  
Mairs Bookkeeping  Lewis Mangan  0.25
Marbury & Crawfords Digest  Kenchen Currel  2.66  
Maris Introduction  Lewis Magnan  .12  
McMahons Gardening  Thomas M. Ellis  1
Medical Companion  Capt. Hawkins  0.5
Mill Wright & Millers Guide  Robert Erwin  ------ 
Misses Magazine     
Montaignes Essies - 3 Vol.  J. W. Ray  2
Morses Gazettier  Joseph Wood  --- 
Morses Universal Geo. - 2 vol  Henry Marsh  5.25
Murrays Grammar  Thomas W. Ellis  0.75
New Dispensatory  J. W. Ray  1
Newgents Dictionary 2 Vol.  Capt. Hawkins  0.5
Ovids Epistles  Lewis Magnan  0.25
Paines Architecture  Kenchen Currel  .56  
Paines Writings  Joseph Wood  2.12  
Patillas Sermons  Robert Erwin  0.5
Patric Terrence Journals of Con.     
Philosophical Dictionary of Opinions on Modern Philosophy - 4 vol.  Joseph Wood  5.25
Pikes Arithmetic  J. W. Ray  .62  
Pombertsons Dispensatory  Lewis Magnan  0.5
Popes Workds 2 vol. History of Duke of Marlborough  Robert Erwin  0.75
Porters Travels  William Robertson  1
Practical Surveyor  Joseph Wood  1
Preechly on Nine  Robert Erwin  2
Present date of Gr. Britain  Joseph Wood  0.5
Prices American Revolution  J. W. Ray  .18  
Ramsey History - 2 vol.  Lewis Magnan  0.5
Ramseys History - 2 vol.  William Robertson  1.5
Ramseys Washington  J. W. Ray  .56  
Reports to Congress     
Robertson America - 2 Vol  William Robertson  1.75
Rolins Ant. History - 4 vol.  Lewis Magnan  1
Salmon Gazettier  Robert Erwin  0.5
Shenstone  Robert Erwin  .31  
Sheridans Dictionary  Henry Carr  1.5
Sinclair on Revenue  Charles Belton  1
Smithrees Grammar  J. W. Ray  2.12  
Smiths Wealth of Nation - 3 Vol  William Leprad  2.25
Smollets History - 8 vol.  William Robertson  4.5
Spectator - vol 1st & 2nd missing  J. W. Ray  2.25
Spelling Book     
Sullys Memoirs 6 vol.  J. W. Ray  2.62  
Surveying Improved  Joseph Wood  .37  
Swedian on Venl. Complns.  Charles Belton  0.5
Swift Works     
Swifts Works - 1 vol.  Lewis Magnan  20.5
Taplings Ferriery - 2 Vol  Lewis Magnan  1.62  
The Spirit of Petrolium  Joseph Wood  0.25
Tour in Holland  Charles Belton  .43  
Turkish Spy     
Twinbutts Voyage  Charles Bolton  .37  
Walkers Dictionary  Mrs. Lavinia Hawkins  0.75
Wallace on Diseases  Charles Belton  .37  
Watsons Horice  Lewis Magnan  1.12  
Websters Grammar  Joseph Wood  1.25
Winthrops Journal  Robert Erwin  0.5
Xenaphan Greek  Charles Belton  0.25
Youngs - 2 vol  J. W. Ray  1.37  
Zimmermans Survey  -----------------  ----------------- 


Benjamin Hawkins numbered among those Princeton (College of New Jersey) students in the Continental Congress.  They would all have benefited from the instruction of John Witherspoon who delivered his initial speech to the assembled students in Latin. 

"Witherspoon was determined to make Princeton not just the best college in the colonies, but the best in the entire English-speaking world. The model he chose for its curriculum was that of his own alma mater, the University of Edinburgh. He introduced the same rigorous humanist education in Greek and Latin, as well as philosophy, history, geography, science, mathematics, and theology."  His introduction of Modern Languages including French enabled Benjamin Hawkins to serve as an interpreter under George Washington.  These men were educated to read Latin and Greek and to write in the style of great writers in their earliest education at a time when most of us have been led to believe that a child's mind is not "ready to learn" such rigorous education. 

Thank God, these men were educationally prepared to construct a nation.  Are we prepared to maintain it?

Oliver Ellsworth 1766 (1777-1784)
Jesse Root 1756 (1778-1783)
Pierpont Edwards 1768 (1787-1788)

Gunning Bedford, Jr. 1771 (1783-1785)

*Joseph Habersham (1783-1784)
*John Habersham (1785)

*Benjamin Rumsey (1776-1778)
John Henry 1769 (1778-1781, 1784-1787)
Nathaniel Ramsay 1767 (1785-1787)

Samuel Livermore 1752 (1780-1782, 1785)

Richard Stockton 1748 (1776)
Jonathan D. Sergeant 1762 (1776, 1777)
Nathaniel Scudder 1751 (1777-1779, 1778-1781)
Frederick Frelinghuysen 1770 (1778, 1779, 1782, 1783)
William C. Houston 1768 (1779-1781, 1784, 1785)
William Burnet 1749 (1780-1781)
John Beatty 1769 (1783-1785)
Jonathan Dayton 1776 (1787-1789)

Walter Livingston 1759 (1784, 1785)

*Joseph Hewes (1774-1777, 1779)
Benjamin Hawkins 1777 (1781-1784, 1786, 1787)
Alexander Martin 1756 (1786-1787)

Benjamin Rush 1760 (1776, 1777)
Joseph Reed 1757 (1777, 1778)
Jonathan B. Smith 1760 (1777-1778)
Joseph Montgomery 1755 (1780-1782)
James R. Reid 1775 (1787-1789)
Henry Wynkoop 1760 (1779-1783)

David Howell 1766 (1782-1785)
James Manning 1762 (1785, 1786)

Richard Hutson 1765 (1778-1779)
David Ramsay 1765 (1782-1786)

James Madison 1771 (1780-1783, 1786-1788)
Henry Lee, Jr. 1773 (1785-1788)