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On Southern Culture

We Southerners are a unique breed. Pride of place, manners bred into us from birth, the foods we eat, our bond with the land and our relationship with our family and friends make us who we are. Most practice true religion. For most of us football is nearly a religious experience.

Southern-style began as a genealogy website. It expanded to become a general interest website (generally anything I am interested in). Those interests evolved with the discovery that not only did this born and bred southerner have ancestors on the Mayflower and in Jamestown, but among those Native Americans who originally inhabited these lands through both my mother's Vann line (Powhatan - Cleopatra and Opechancanough) but also through my father's Pettus line (Powhatan-Pocahontas and Kocoum).

You will see that history intrigues me, particularly the people and area in which I grew up, Southeast Alabama. Folks greet each other asking, "How's your mom an 'em?" Wondering how all those folks were related led me to doing lots of genealogy that many of you may find interesting. The same was true for Wilcox county, Alabama, my father's old stomping grounds and Escambia County, Alabama, where my mother was born. Of course, all of that took me back many generations and into the history and founding of this nation and those from which those ancestors came. This tapestry has threads that lead to fascinating people and their stories.

The discovery of my Native American heritage led to my novels, Swimming with Serpents and In Pursuit, published by Mercer University Press. The Mayan DNA discovery through Tribal DNA  testing led to Mayans, Muscadine and Murder, one of my Mint Julep Mysteries. The Mint Julep Mysteries are set on a plantation inspired by my grandparents' home, Wakefield Plantation, in Furman, Wilcox County, Alabama, now owned by my sister, cardiologist, Dr. Sylvia Burson Rushing and her husband Col. Tom Rushing.

If you are looking for more information on my books, the writing process, and contact information to invite me to speak visit my author pages.

I grew up in a privileged home, the daughter of a small town doctor and a stay at home mother who met my father after a World War in which my father served in the Philippines and my mother served as a nurse and earned a battle ribbon at the Battle of the Bulge. Alliwishus is the story of the elf she met on the battlefield. I guess I am this generations family story saver.

My kitchen just got bedazzled with new Jenn Air appliances just in time for my renewed efforts toward writing a cookbook, co-authored with my sister, Sylvia, titled Wakefield Plantation: history and cookbook of one Southern family. I hope to share with you more recipes and menus from my own Southern experience. There are lots of stories about the recipes in the recipe section of this website. 

If you have a wedding coming up you might enjoy reading about our daughter Brooke's home spun wedding. The Wedding Raising was a lot of fun! The "how to" might give you some ideas. I also share the Mother of the Groom perspective on a wedding as well.

I also threw in a few short stories you might enjoy.

Welcome to this very personal view of the South. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Sharman Ramsey
Roll Tide!

By the way, my novels Swimming with Serpents and In Pursuit are available through KOBO, Independent Book Stores, Barnes and Noble, Mercer University Press, and Amazon.

Speaking Engagements

Swimming with Serpents
and In Pursuit, both published by Mercer University Press, are now available through KOBO as well as Amazon, Books A Million, and Barnes and Noble. If you enjoy historical fiction (keywords romance, Creek Indian history, genealogy, Fort Mims, Creek Indian War, First Seminole War, pirates, treasure, Gasparilla history and tales, Andrew Jackson, British involvement in American history: Arbuthnot, Armbrister, Woodbine, Nicholls) you will surely enjoy these novels.

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Copyright 1996. The genealogy file are my own working files and should be considered only as a starting place for your own research.